Harry Potter AR Game is Set to Launch This Week!

Pokémon Go developers Niantic is set to release Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, a new AR (augmented reality) game based on J.K Rowling’s books and the movie franchise. The game was launched earlier in beta mode in Australia and New Zealand and its worldwide launch will begin on June 21st!

harry potter wizards unite

This doesn’t guarantee that the game will be made available for everyone at the same time, though. As we can remember from when Pokémon Go was launched, it took quite a while for the game to reach certain areas, including Japan where Pokémon originated.

From what the trailer suggests, Wizards Unite will be similar to Pokémon Go but won’t be as simple as just catching friendly Pokémon around the neighborhood. Potterheads will definitely go all on once this game launches. We can’t wait for it to reach the Philippines!

Watch the trailer for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite below:

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