Harmonies For Hope: A Concert For Change

MINT Riffs, the official glee club of Meridian International (MINT) College, composed of a variety of talented and young individuals who are skilled in different aspects of performing arts and production.

For the past few years, MINT Riffs have had so many concerts and events, but this year they want it to be different. They want to sing their hearts out and at the same time, be able to give back and spark hope to those children who were abandoned and have experienced various forms of mistreatment. Considering the current state of the world, this concert aims to spark hope and unity within Filipino communities.  The pandemic may have stopped them from being able to see each other but it did not stop them from making a way to help those in need.

MINT Riffs Event Poster

MINT Riffs will showcase their seventh annual concert on June 7, 2021, Monday, 7pm at the Official Facebook Page of MINT Riffs. The concert will be a fundraiser for the benefit of Tahanan ng Pagmamahal,  to aid help and donations to the community of orphaned, abandoned, abused children, compassionate staff and volunteers bound by love and faith. MINT Riffs hopes to spark hope, and provide help, through this concert entitled, “Harmonies for Hope”. Come and witness a beautiful celebration of hope and generosity with MINT Riffs. 


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For more information, kindly contact:

Angeline V. Bumanglag
MINT Riffs Company Manager

Contact Number:  0908-691-8839
Email Address: angeline.bumanglag@mintcollege.com


Joyce Chantel D. Ang
MINT Riffs Musical Director 

Contact Number:  0998-536-9096
Email Address: joyce.ang@mintcollege.com


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