Haribon Hosts Al Gore’s Global Climate Broadcast

By Kitty Amante


Haribon Foundation joined the global chorus in urging world leaders to act on climate change in a live viewing party hosting 24 Hours of Reality: The Road Forward – a worldwide broadcast about climate action on 6 December 2016.

A year after world leaders took a stand on the Paris Agreement, nations virtually come together to celebrate the coming into force of the pact which hopes to see a greener earth with reduced greenhouse gases and lower global temperatures by 2020.


Broadcasting live from New York, the viewing party in Quezon City set up by environmental organization Haribon Foundation has gathered members and fellow advocates in the climate fight to watch a back-to-back segment of Climate Reality’s telecast focusing on climate issues and solutions in neighboring countries – Japan and South Korea.

Each hour, former US vice president and event host Al Gore highlighted one of the top 24 carbon-emitting countries, presenting facts and stories of challenges and progress in climate action.


In her opening address, Haribon chief operating officer Maria Belinda de la Paz welcomed the viewing participants with updates on the organization’s conservation efforts and participation in coalitions working on climate change issues such as the Forest Resources Bill policy advocacy, which cites proper forest management as crucial to mitigating climate change impact.

The Haribon viewing party began at the 6th hour of the global broadcast, focusing on how Japan can move forward to developing renewable energy and its role in supporting clean energy.


By the 7th hour, the spotlight moved to South Korea zooming into how the country has created a favorable environment for clean energy through strong national action.

In his presentation, Al Gore stressed that Japan can enhance its commitment by eliminating coal-fired power systems and increasing support to renewables especially solar, wind and geothermal.

South Korea, on the other hand, aims to reduce 1 million metric tons of carbon emissions by 2020 emphasizing the value of a bottom-up grassroots approach.


During the post-viewing activity, Haribon member Sherry Gocheco said that she finds South Korea’s climate change adaptation initiatives “very impressive.” Enthused, she shared how she wanted to become an eco-warrior herself: “As part of [the change], I will continue what I do at home – being a zero waste advocate and influencing others to do the same.”

“Climate change does not choose its victims. The issue transcends literally every issue that affects our society today,” said John Leo Algo of the Philippine Youth Climate Movement.

“It’s not too late for us to step up and become the hero we’re all meant to be. But we can only solve this problem if we work together.”

The viewing event was participated in by advocates in the climate fight including Haribon members, The Climate Reality Project Philippines, Philippine Youth Climate Movement, Philippine Movement for Climate Justice and March for Climate Justice Pinas.

Haribon Foundation is a member of various networks in the climate movement such as Aksyon Klima, Green Convergence and Green Thumb Coalition.

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