Happy Tables: Your New One-Stop Family Hub in QC

Where to eat?

A question usually asked amongst family or friends when eating out, and a decision so hard to arrive at, specially if one member has a different preferred cuisine. But worry no more. Whether dad prefers baby back ribs for dinner but brother loves to nibble some chicken wings, Happy Tables got you covered. This is a one-stop family hub in QC that houses 17 food stalls serving 17 distinctive cuisine.

Experts in the food industry, Mr. Oye and Ms. Marissa thought about the idea of extending the Filipino custom of salo-salo sa kainan when they put up this hub, hence arriving at the name: Happy Tables. The name simply depicts the common scene you see in every Filipino houses, restaurants, food parksfamily and friends exchanging stories over great food.

Mr. Oye and Ms. Marissa also make sure that guests are served by a warm welcome by personally accommodating them and manning the hub. That’s hospitality at its best! Despite the fast-paced environment of the local food industry, they want to remain with a truer approach to preparing food— which takes time to get the fullest of flavors. Hospitality plus food quality— where else would you go for your next resto-hopping?



Must-tries: Salpicao de Pamplona P220, Lengua con Setas de Malaga P195, Paella Valenciana P280 and Higado y Tocino (bacon wrapped Chicken Liver) P180

Ton Nik & Pao


Must-tries: Baby Back Ribs P275, Big portion lasagna P275, Pork Tenderloin Barbecue P150, Rosemary Liempo P195 and French Onion Soup P150

Cartel’s Cali-Mex Grill


Must-tries: burrito steak (Php 225)
, BBQ Chicken Torilla Pizza (Php 250), Quesadilla Carnitas (Php 130) and Nachos (Php 195)

Chicago’s Best


Must-tries: Bacon Mushroom Melt (Php 170), Maui Maui (Php 179), Messy Bulls (Php 199)
, Twister bucket (Php 210)
 and Torched fries beefy cheezy blast (Php 150)



Must-tries: Crispy Bagnet P205, Sirloin Tapa P150, Veggie Panini P235 and Molyen Lava Crepe P180



Must-tries: Karai Salmon Roll (Php 200)
, Spicy Tuna Salad (Php 220)
 and Cheese fried maki (Php 150)

Pizza Stop


You need to try their Shawarma Pizza (Php 318)!

Fab Sizzlers


Must-tries: Kitayama Wagyu Steak (Php 375)
 and Pork Sisig (Php 180)

G. Ongpauco’s Krispy Pata


Must-tries: Krispy Pata (Php 480) and Kare-kare solo (Php 185)

Happy Seoul


Must-tries: Japchae (Php 180), Chadolbagi (Php 180), Bibimbap (Php 170) and Dakgangjeong (Php 180)

Seven Yurts


Must-tries: Single serve bowl mongolian grill (Php 235)

Wings Central


Must-tries:  Take me to New York (Php 99)
, Nagoya’s endless dream (Php 99)
, Miss Saigon (Php 99), Live. Love. London (Php 99)
, Mojos (Php 65 and Potato Wedges (Php 65)



Must-tries: Oreo cheesecake (Php 150)
, Salted caramel apple (Php 150), Choco chili (Php 150), Blueberry cheesecake (Php 150) and Green tea cheesecake (Php 150)

Inside Happy Tables as well is Hong Kong Foodie which serves authentic HK street food, The Life Lounge which is available for functions and parties, a bake shop called Moe & Bels, and Blue Sparks, a coffee shop.

The familiar Filipino tradition plus a taste of foreign cuisine under one roof—check out this food hub ASAP!

Happy Tables

Instagram: @happytablesph