HAPPY GRADUATION: Here are 7 Jobs the Internet Created

Now that you’ve graduated, you’re technically unemployed. Do you know where you’re going to work? More importantly, do you know where you want to work or what you want to do? It’s easy to feel confused about one’s first job, but you’re lucky because you came at a time when the Internet has created dozens of new job titles that didn’t exist before. People may say that social media is evil, but it comes with plenty of career opportunities. And since you’re a millennial that knows how to harness the infinite power of social media, you might want to work here.

Below are 7 jobs that you might want to consider, including one surprising bonus:

7 Jobs the Internet Created 5

7. Web developer

According to a study by Internet Live Stats, there are 44 million Internet users in the Philippines. Many of us just use social media, but there are more that use the web for research purposes. Web developers create a website from the ground up, from its design to its function. Basic knowledge in Hyper-Text Markup Language (HTML), JavaScript (JS) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) can get you started, but you need to practice to improve your skills. The payoff is huge: every company needs a website, so there’s always work to do.

7 Jobs the Internet Created 6

6.App developer

Apps are already ingrained in our mobile culture, and we need people who can make them. App developers need knowledge in UI design, programming languages, and backend computing knowledge. Besides knowledge in how apps work, potential app developers also need marketing skills, tough skin, and a brilliant idea. There’s an app for literally everything: apps to find a car, food, a helicopter, and apps to find other apps. But if you have a great idea, it’ll pay off: app developer Brian Acton was turned down by both Facebook and Twitter in 2009. He founded Whatsapp in 2010 and sold it to Facebook for $19 billion four years later.

7 Jobs the Internet Created 4

5. Digital marketing specialist

Marketing is one of the most exciting fields to work in, and there’s a career that’s just focused on digital. As a digital marketing specialist, you create marketing campaigns targeted towards websites and social media platforms. Some tasks include doing research on the target market, branding, web analytics, and search engine optimization. And because it’s such a new thing, the demand is greater than supply.

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4. SEO consultant

There’s being a writer, and there’s being a writer for digital. As a search engine optimization (SEO) consultant, you make sure that the website you consult for always appears at the top of a search engine and gets plenty of traffic. SEO consultants do this through keywords and phrases, but a really good consultant can blend keywords and copywriting that doesn’t sound forced. This is only the tip of the iceberg, and can be an exciting job for those who like to write and who like challenges.

7 Jobs the Internet Created 3

3. Social media manager / Community manager

There are 1.59 billion Facebook users all over the globe (49 million in the Philippines), so there’s a great demand for social media managers and community managers. Social media managers develop strategies in line with the brand they’re working for, including building and enhancing following, promos, and contests. On the other hand, community managers update social media pages, interact with followers, and moderate activities and conversations on platforms. It can be an exciting task, especially if you’re outgoing.

7 Jobs the Internet Created 6

2. Blogger

As a blogger, you get paid to write about yourself! Blogging can become a career when companies invite you to events and ask you to write about their products and services. Sometimes they pay you to advertise something on your page. But companies don’t just tap any blog. They collaborate with big-name bloggers who have massive followings. It’s easy to start a blog, but build a following first. Then you can be a mini-celebrity, too! Just look at Tavi Gevinson, who started a fashion blog at 12. Now she is a writer, a magazine editor, and a singer/actress. Today, she sits front row in big fashion shows and appears in fashion campaigns. In 2014, she was named by Time magazine as one of the 25 most influential teens.

7 Jobs the Internet Created 2

1. Your passion

Are you a writer? A baker? A musician? Now, you can pursue your passion and get paid for it through the Internet. Simply advertise yourself on social media or any freelance platform, and watch your career soar. Eyedress, or Idris Vicuña, is a musician who started making music in his bedroom in Manila and uploading it online for free. A French label funded his first album, and he is now signed to a British label. He’s not that known in his home country, but audiophiles around the world are in love with his “spacey-assed beats.”

7 Jobs the Internet Created

BONUS: Jolly Good Fellow

Chade-Meng Tan’s official title at Google is Jolly Good Fellow. According to his website, his job is to “enlighten minds, open hearts, create world peace.” Oh, to be a Jolly Good Fellow.