The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide 2020

He is tatay, itay, papa, daddy, dada.

Although he may not be stellar for saying “I love you” as often as you would want to hear it, holding long conversations with you, or shedding a tear when both of you are grieving, he has totally captured your heart. Maybe he was the one who coached you on how to play basketball or how to replace a tire on your own. Or maybe he taught you how to play the guitar. Whichever it is, he is the one who can crack the lamest joke but still make you laugh and he can drop the wisest advice when you need one. He has put up with a lot and on Father’s Day, it is the best time to give back even just a little.

Father’s Day is on June 21 of this year. Although it looks like you still have a lot of time to prepare, it is recommended that you start thinking of what to get to surprise your dad. With the COVID-19 pandemic, you will want to order your gift in advance to make sure that it arrives on time.

To help make sure Dad gets something awesome this Father’s Day, we have curated the ultimate gift guide.

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Shigetsu Nisshin Polarized Anti-Glare Sunglasses

Keep your dad’s eyes protected but in style with the Shigetsu Nisshin sunglasses. This pair of sunglasses is designed by Japanese artisans specifically for Filipino wearers. It has UV400 protection lenses that guarantee protection against glare. If you prefer a different set of lenses, they can be easily replaced.

Get this Father’s Day gift here. Priced at P499, discounts might be available.

Bostanten Cowhide Leather Wallet

Give your dad’s old wallet its well-deserved retirement and get him this genuine cowhide leather wallet. This wallet has a cowhide leather on the primary layer, which is strong and pore-permeable. Still, it is exquisitely soft and comfortable when placed inside the pocket of his pants. It comes with a high-quality zipper that guarantees no rust.

The wallet features an interior slot pocket, note compartment, photo holder, and cardholder. Its size is 11.5×2×10 cm.

The wallet comes with a gift box.

Get this Father’s Day gift here. Priced at P2,495, discounts might be available.

Fenteer Replacement Spikes for Running Shoes

The Fenteer replacement spikes are suitable for almost any of your dad’s track and field or running shoes. It can be used for anything training surface including tartan, asphalt, dirt, grass, cross country, or ice.

These spikes are highly recommended for any track discipline. They are made from high-quality heat-tested steel for maximum durability.

They are available in two different styles – needle and tartan. The screw diameter is 5 mm. The total lengths are 8 and 13 mm.

Get this Father’s Day gift here. Priced at P340, discounts might be available.

Lacrosse Massage Ball

For active daddy, this Lacrosse massage ball is the best gift you can get him. This ball can help loosen up muscle knots and trigger points on sore areas especially after a tedious session of Crossfit. This ball is made of rubber, which ensures its durability.

The Lacrosse massage ball is softer and lighter than a regular Lacross ball. It is a must-have for active people. It is a great accessory for gym buffs, and it can be used indoors and outdoors. This massage ball can assist in rehabilitative exercises, muscle building, and fat loss. Since it is small, your dad can bring it with him even when traveling.

Get this Father’s Day gift here. Priced at P490, discounts might be available.

Blesiya Wood Sanding Grinder Wheel

Maybe your dad enjoys getting his hands dirty, literally, and he likes making his own crafts from wood or wood scraps. The Blesiya wood sanding grinding wheel is the perfect gift for him.

This tool is made of high-quality metal, which makes it practical, durable, and stable to use. It guarantees not to produce tremors when used. It allows quick material removal, which will let your father save time and effort. It is perfect for bending work.

The wheel has tungsten carbide coatings consist of hundreds of extremely sharp teeth that rapidly remove stock and outlasts hundreds of sandpaper pads. It can be used for non-metallic materials and is very suitable for wood.

Get this Father’s Day gift here. Priced at P840, discounts might be available.

Heavy-duty Automatic Tire Inflator

Dad will definitely be surprised if you get him this handy Blesiya Heavy Duty Auto Tire Inflator Pump Portable Air Compressor. This multifunction inflator offers features like Automatic Inflation, Pressure Test, LED Lighting, and On-Screen Display. It comes with three different spray nozzle adapter for sports and camping equipment like bikes, motorcycles, pool floats, and balls.

This air compressor can also be used for cars, motorbikes, and other inflatable toys. It takes about 7 minutes to fill a fully inflated tire. With 150 PSI maximum tire pressure, it is compatible with almost all kinds of car tires but it is not suitable for truck tires.

This tire inflator has a power cord that is 3 meters in length, which is long enough to reach from cigarette lighter hub to all tires.

Get this Father’s Day gift here. Priced at P4,170, discounts might be available.

Fenteer 15KN Stainless Steel Carabiner

Dad loves hiking in the great outdoors? Get him this Fenteer 15KN carabiner that is made of durable and lightweight 410 stainless steel. It sports a smooth surface that reduces the chances of wear for ropes and steel cables. It comes with a closure needle for safety.

This carabiner is the best gift for dad to ensure protection against falls when he goes on outdoor tree exploring or other climbing adventures.

Get this Father’s Day gift here. Priced at P4,400, discounts might be available.

PWK40 Dirt Bike Carburetor

Get your dad an upgrade for his dirt bike with the Blesiya 40 mm carburetor. This carburetor is made from high-quality steel to ensure durability. Color may vary depending on availability.

Get this Father’s Day gift here. Priced at P3,620, discounts might be available.

Bicycle Model Decor

Let your father show off his favorite sport by getting him this exquisite racing bicycle model. It is one of the best choices as a gift for home decoration for dad.

This toy is lightweight and easy to carry and will not harm kids. It is made at 1:10 scale using zinc alloy.

Get this Father’s Day gift here. Priced at P1,620, discounts might be available.

Happybuyner Solid Motorcycle Helmet

Make sure your dad is protected when he drives his bike with this Happybuyner solid motorcycle helmet. This fashionable helmet comes with a modular function. It promises convenience with one-hand modular function that is communication system-ready. It has a pin-lock system and an internal sun shield for added protection.

The helmet has a tri-composite or carbon fiber shell that is combined with a polycarbonate alloy chin bar. It can lock the chin bar even in the open position to ensure safety. It comes with multiple adjustable intake vents to ensure proper breathing while biking.

It has removable, washable, hypoallergenic, and antimicrobial cheek pads for proper sanitation.

Get this Father’s Day gift here. Priced at P3,337, discounts might be available.

TCL Android Smart TV

Get dad this amazing TCL LED40S6800 Android Smart TV that comes with an HDR feature. This allows greater picture contrast, enhances image details, and brings vivid colors to life. It is an upgrade to the current TV programming signal-standard. By using a unique algorithm, the TV panel backlight is adjusted automatically and dimmed to boost the peak brightness of on-screen objects, consequently delivering a much wider brightness range.

This smart TV comes with a Sports Mode that optimizes images and sounds to let the audience enjoy the immersive feeling of live-action sports events. The auto REC function wouldn’t let any wonderful moment get missed.

Its Smart Volume feature automatically adjusts programming volume thus eliminating sudden sound fluctuations typically experienced when switching channels or when television commercials air.

The TCL TV+ UI system has the latest updated Movie, Music content, and User Interface. Your father can find regular content updates and view most recently viewed content at the press of a button.

Get this Father’s Day gift here. Priced at P340, discounts might be available.

KingSpec 2.5 SSD Hard Drive

Give papa’s computer the speed boost it needs by getting him this KingSpec SSD hard drive. This 2.5-inch Internal Solid State Drive adopts a standard SATA III interface. It supports 6Gbps fast transmission speed and promises convenient installation. It features 3D TLC caching technology to increase read and write speed.

The hardware itself has a stable structure that is shockproof and durable. It ensures low energy consumption even with the long-term operation. It has great heat dissipation that makes it a reliable SSD hard disk even for high-speed work.

This KingSpec SSD hard drive supports various systems including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Linux, Unix, and macOS.

Get this Father’s Day gift here. Priced at P3,400, discounts might be available.

Rapoo M10 Optical Gaming Mouse

Let gamer daddy level up his skills with this Rapoo optical mouse. This 2.4G wireless mouse is definitely ergonomic that he will never have difficulty enduring long hours of gaming.

Some of its specs include 1000 DPI resolution, 20G maximum acceleration, 30 inch/sec maximum tracking speed, 10 million keypresses for its lifetime.

This Rapoo optical mouse runs on a 1 x AAA alkaline battery.

Get this Father’s Day gift here. Priced at P699, discounts might be available.

Wiresto Sports Wireless Earphones

Give daddy a gadget that provides topnotch HD sound. The Wiresto earphones have premium HD stereo speakers and an advanced chip that will deliver you a high-fidelity audio experience with powerful bass. , This Bluetooth neckband headphone is perfect for enjoying music while working out or doing almost any kind of sports.

The wireless earphone is adjustable to fit comfortably. The ear hooks are improved to be softer and stable.

The Wiresto earphones can play music for 7 hours. Its life span when taking a phone call is up to 6 hours and when on standby it can be 36 hours. It features quick charging for only 1 hour.

This device is IPX4 water-resistant with nano-coating that efficiently protects it from sweat and guarantees a longer lifespan. It is perfect for running, cycling, hiking, yoga, and doing other exercise in the gym. It is also a great travel companion.

Get this Father’s Day gift here. Priced at P1,380, discounts might be available.

Bostanten Laptop Backpack

This high-quality, waterproof laptop bag can certainly give your dad a stylish way to keep his computer safe and easy to bring wherever he needs to go. This bag is fashionable enough that he can bring it even on a business trip. This Bostanten backpack can store a 15.6-inch laptop and other stuff your dad needs to bring for his meeting.

Get this Father’s Day gift here. Priced at P7,950, up to 80% discount might be available.

Loviver Modern Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

Dad has been wanting to remodel the house and now you can help him out by getting these Loviver flush mount ceiling lamps. Since many might still want to stay on lockdown even if the quarantine eases, your dad may want to take this time to improve the house. This lighting fixture promises super bright LED ceiling beams. It fits any part of your home, be it the living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, washroom, or even your warehouse.

The Loviver flush mount ceiling lamps guarantee easy installation so dad doesn’t really need to be an expert to put them up.

Get this Father’s Day gift here. Priced at P5,290, discounts might be available.

Fenteer Rubber Tennis Ball

Get the Fenteer rubber tennis ball as replacement stock for your dad who loves tennis training. The ball is tied to a base by a rubber band so there is no need to pick up balls during practice. Your dad can enjoy using this as he enhances his tennis skills.

The Fenteer rubber tennis ball is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The ball is made from high-quality rubber and felt, which is lightweight, durable, and easy to carry. The cord it comes with is 2 mm in thickness and it is extremely sturdy.

Get this Father’s Day gift here. Priced at 1,220, discounts might be available.

Motorcycle Jacket

This abrasion-resistant and windproof Fenteer motorcycle jacket is a great Father’s Day gift. Make dad feel extra special as if giving him a tight hug as he drives around the city.

This jacket features a lining that uses elastic polyester mesh fabric to guarantee a breathable comfort. It contains a removable warm cotton liner, that your daddy can wear in cold or warm weather. It has removable five pieces of EVA protectors on the back, shoulders, and elbows. It has an adjustable cuff, collar, hem to improve its range of fit and comfort. It comes with two external pockets for securing small items.

Get this Father’s Day gift here. Priced at 1,220, discounts might be available.

INSPI Tees “Need More Beer” T-Shirt

Let Dad show off his love for booze with this INSPI “Need More Beer” T-Shirt. Comfortable casual wear, it is a semi-fit shirt that is made of cotton. It is a nice shirt that you can get as a gift at a very reasonable price.

Get this Father’s Day gift here. Priced at 200, discounts might be available.

Blesiya M3-M12 Screw Set

This contains 40 pieces of tap and die set metric. This will definitely be helpful for your handyman dad because it can assist in fixing damaged nuts, bolts, and threads. When it is difficult to find a replacement screw, this set can make it easy to remove imperfections from threads and retrofit one.

The set is made from alloy steel for strength and durability. It is anti-rust and it ensures topnotch hardness. All taps and dies are clearly marked with sizes so it is easy for dad to find what he needs.

The set comes with a case for easy storage and carry.

Get this Father’s Day gift here. Priced at P3,270, discounts might be available.

Magners Original Irish Cider

Magners Irish Cider is the best Father’s Day gift to your dad who wants a different kind of booze. This cider is made of 17 varieties of apple that are grown in Irish orchards and local farms. Only the ripest and juiciest apples are traditionally crafted and vat matured for up to two years. It is a premium, medium dry cider, which delivers a pure, crisp, and refreshing flavor with a natural character. Master tasters keep a constant check on the process so each sip of Magners is as grand as the last.

Get this Father’s Day gift here. Priced at P3,120, discounts might be available.

Durable Magnetic Repair Tools

For the techie handyman in the house, get dad this Blesiya magnetic repair tools mainly used for desktops and laptops. Let him do his own PC upgrade using this toolset.

Aside from computers, this toolset is also suitable for most digital products such as mobile phones, cameras, watches, and tablets. It can also be used to tinker with glasses and car keys.

This 58 in 1 toolset is light and portable. It has an internal type batch head bayonet fixed, which makes sure that it does not easily scatter.

Get this Father’s Day gift here. Priced at P5,640, discounts might be available.

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