Happy At Work Conference 2015 : How To Build An Organizational Culture That Lasts

When In Manila, organizations are faced with stressful situations like mediocore management, high turnover rate, lack of work-life balance, and apathetic employees which all boil down to one source : people.

People are the most valuable resource in an organization and when they are well-developed and able to reach their maximum potential, organizations gain the highest advantage. As former IBM CEO Lou Gerstner said, “Culture isn’t just one aspect of the game, it is the game.” Dr. Ron Jenson of Future Achievement International states further that, “culture determines how things are done, how people behave, and how value is created.” Having a strong and sustainable culture, therefore, is the foundation to an extraordinary success and fulfilled mission. It can make or break an organization.

The 5th Happy at Work Conference, happening from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on July 28, 2015 at SMX Convention Center Aura, focuses on building an organizational culture that lasts — and it is one that is founded on character!


A few weeks ago, we got a taste of the new and fresh line-up of trainers / speakers in a press conference promoting the Happy-At-Work Conference.  Here are a few things we learned from Mike Grogan (Lean Management/Process Trainer), David Bonifacio (Entreprenuer, New Leaf Ventures, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf), Oliver Pangan (HR / OD expert, Citibank & 24/7) and Janet Webster-Watson (Investors in People).


Photos by Denese Pamulaklakin

  • The 3 things that are caught more than bought are
    • (1) Passion – following your passion means a lot of hard work
    • (2) Values – learn how to fail.  Success is failure to failure with enthusiasm
    • (3) Discipline – has to be accomplished by a strong why or purpose
  • When organizations get so hung up on income, they forget about the people
  • Its time to bring more mindfulness in an organization where people are forgetting to breathe – its time to bring back more soul in the workplace by being more caring & compassionate
  • People make a good business, Investors In People helps organizations figure out where they are and show how to make it better
  • Develop people so good that they could leave, but treat them with such respect that they won’t want to leave
  • There is so much to learn from all the generations in the workplace – from the boomers, to the millenials to the yuckies
  • Most people are chasing a lifestyle, a not a purpose and it creates unhappiness because the vision is very inward
  • Character is  tested in the ability to do hard things, mix that with competence builds trust, and wrapping all that up in commitment leads to success
  • Learn to enjoy the process

That was just a taste on how the conference will go.   The conference will feature Dr. Ron Jenson in a session entitled “Laying the Foundation: Why Character Counts in Culture Building.” Dr. Jenson is the co-founder and chairman of Future Achievement International, the first character-based human capital solutions provider, and is known worldwide as America’s Life Coach and author of the bestselling book Achieving Authentic Success® and Make a Life, Not Just a Living.

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Meanwhile, Janet Webster, chairman of Investors in People (UK) Philippines, an organization that helps companies focus their people management strategies on their business priorities, and an accredited Thinking Environment facilitator and Time to Think coach, will share with the audience the different factors that need to be considered in “Designing A High-Performing Organization.”

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This year’s Happy at Work Conference focuses on building an organizational culture that lasts – and it is one that is founded on character! Leaders, decision-makers, and culture changers committed to championing organizational culture will discover:

• The challenges of creating a high-performing organization;

• A proven framework that can help organizations outperform competition;

• Where an organization stands in comparison to people management global standards and strategies;

• Expert advice on aligning people development plans to business strategies;

• How a personal leadership model can help create self-governing and high-performing people; and • The benefits of having character as an organization’s foundation in building a winning culture.

The 5th Happy at Work Conference: BUILDING A CULTURE OF CHARACTER is presented by Salt & Light Ventures, a division of Breakthrough Leadership Management Consultancy, Inc., and the Philippine Daily Inquirer. For reservations, call Juliet at (02) 813-2703/32, text 0922-898-0044, or email inquiry@­saltandlight.ph. Visit www.saltandlight.asia/happyatwork for more details.

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