Hannah Pangilinan and Janina Vela Introduce Meta’s New Webtoons

Meta, in line with the Kabataang Digital Campaign of the  National Privacy Commission (NPC), Child Rights Network (CRN), and creators and youth advocates, Janina Vela and Hannah Pangilinan, launches a series of informative webtoons to educate teens on how to protect their data and safeguard their privacy online — key topics that young Filipinos need to know more about, according to child experts and Filipino teens themselves.

The webtoons, which were developed based on consultations with Filipino teens from diverse socio-economic backgrounds from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, and which were created in line with child safeguarding standards, aim to help teens better control their experience on social media in a way that works for them and supports their wellbeing. Each webtoon provides a road map for readers on what to do if they find themselves in similar situations and encourages them to use the available Meta tools and resources that will help keep their online experience safe and secure.

In “Get Ready With Me!,” happy-go-lucky Katie learns about the importance of online privacy—and being mindful of what you share, and with whom.

         Meta Webtoons Get Ready With Me cover

In “The Cat in the Alley,” Sai and Naomi learn about boundaries and what a truly safe space looks like as they work to build trust with Tuna, the black rescue kitty.

Meta Webtoons The Cat in the Alley Cover

In “From URL to IRL,” online gaming enthusiast Josh learns the value of protecting his personal information with help from his friends and a firm talk with his Mom.

Meta Webtoons From URL to IRL cover

Each webtoon is composed of three episodes and is available to view and download for free on the Digital Tayo website. Interactive educational games and quizzes are also available. The webtoons will soon be available in Filipino, Cebuano, and other languages. Meta will be partnering with other organizations and government agencies for expanded distribution.

“I appreciate how the series accurately captures our everyday lives and talks about issues that are very relevant to Filipino teens today. Meta’s Webtoons can help Filipino teens everywhere learn how we can take control of our experiences on social media in a way that works for us and that supports our well-being,” said Creator Janina Vela.

Screen Shot 2023 02 28 at 10.58.31 PM

As youth advocates, Janina and Hannah have been utilizing social media to promote their advocacies around mental health and overall well-being and they can attest to the impact of social media on their generation.

“We welcome the initiative of Meta and the Child Rights Network to educate teens on how to protect their privacy and stay safe online. We are always looking for more ways to educate Filipinos about data privacy and personal data protection and these Webtoons are a creative and innovative way to do so. We look forward to working more with Meta and other advocates in empowering and educating teens on responsible online use and data privacy protection,” said Atty. Maria Theresita E. Patula, Director at the National Privacy Commission.

“We’re committed to protecting teens and supporting families online. We will continue to work closely with experts, parents, guardians, and teens to develop relatable and informative resources that will equip teens across the Philippines with knowledge and tools that will help them take control of their online experience and help them become responsible users of social media,” said Meta Safety Policy Manager for APAC Malina Enlund.

“This work is important to us, and we will continue to make our platforms safe and supportive places for teens,” she added.

You may access full episodes of the three Webtoons here, with bonus interactive choose-your-own-adventure games that can help teens practice their decision-making skills and gain perspective on how they could deal with various situations. Or check out the Meta Facebook Page for easily shareable versions of the Webtoons—all free.