Hannah Baker Will Return to the Second Season of “13 Reasons Why”… Here’s How

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You’ve probably seen the Netflix show 13 Reasons Why and have formed a strong opinion about its influence on teens. Whether you believe that it raises awareness on teen suicide or glamorizes it, many have agreed that it’s a compelling show that gives us a look at how kids live today. It has become Netflix’s most popular show on social media, and fans rejoiced when it was announced that it’s getting a second season.

(SPOILER ALERT) 13 Reasons Why is about Hannah Baker, a high school student who commits suicide. Before her death, she recorded 13 tapes, each describing a person and how they pushed her to kill herself.

Weeks after the first season premiered, fans wondered if there will be a second season. It’s a valid point, since the Jay Asher novel it was adapted from ended the same way the first season ended.

But yes, it’s returning and Hannah Baker is, too. Showrunner Brian Yorkey told Entertainment Weekly:

I think one of the things that is still hanging out there is this question of is someone responsible for Hannah’s death? Is the school responsible? Who is responsible, if anyone is? One way we’ll explore that question is through the trial and also through all of these kids reflecting on where they are a few months down the road and what other secrets are being uncovered. That’s going to take us into the past, into Hannah’s story. We’re going to get some new context for events we already know about and we’re going to see a lot of things we hadn’t even heard about yet that fill in some really interesting gaps in our understanding of who Hannah Baker was and what her life was.

It’s also going to be more uplifting compared to the debut season:

I think what we’re going to discover is, as they begin to emerge from this very dark time, there’s hope and there is some light to be found. That’s my hope anyway, and I think that that’s also truthful. I think false hope is a danger, but I think that there is always some light, even in really dark times.

The second season will premiere in 2018.

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