Hallo Deutschland! Learn How to ‘Make it in Germany’ with this Immigration Portal of the German Government

Germany is a nice country, and I don’t just say that because I was born and raised there. The European powerhouse is famous for its high standard of living, quality products, and impossible to pronounce words. It also has a reputation as being quite hard to legally move to, especially for people from outside the EU. If you are interested in making my Heimatland your home, then a special online portal operated by the German government can help you on the way to making that dream come true.


“Make it in Germany” is an online portal created by the German government to help people interested in moving to Deutschland to work or study. While it certainly isn’t the easiest country in the world to move to, especially if you happen to hold a non-EU passport, there are definitely ways to make it happen. Germany is in need of qualified staff in a number of sectors, with Doctors, Engineers, Scientists and IT Specialists being in especially high demand. On top of that, there is also a shortage of caregivers in the country, and people holding vocational qualifications in the field of nursing currently have good chances to land one of the many jobs on offer in the field.

The website portal includes general information about the country, advice on visa issues, success stories of others, and even current job openings. Next to the official white list of jobs with a shortage of qualified staff, there is also a new, point-based model project for international professionals that was launched in the state of Baden-Württemberg recently. This project gives non-EU nationals with a recognized vocational qualification the opportunity to work in a profession which is not on the whitelist of the Federal Employment Agency (BA), improving your chances to land a job even further.

“Make it in Germany” is definitely worth a look if you ever thought about moving to this European beauty spot, as with a bit of luck and the right job opening, it could well become your new home:


P.S.: Feel free to drop me any questions about the country in the comments and I’ll try to answer them!