Hale Makes Comeback With New Single “Klaro”

Hale is finally back! The OPM band returned after six years with their official comeback single, “Klaro.” The song embodied the sound that Hale is known for, which brought nostalgia to many fans and Filipino music enthusiasts.

The song signifies the band and each member’s growth and maintains their unique storytelling through music. Champ Lui Pio, Roll Martinez, Sheldon Gellada, Pao Santiago, and Chino David also marked a new chapter under UMG Philippines. They vow to commit to releasing more fresh tracks that delve into relatable themes of love, friendship, and the realities of life.

hale comeback new song

Photo: UMG Philippines/Hale

“Klaro” sends a powerful message of hope, resilience, and comfort that you’re not alone in life, which resonates with many listeners. Hale’s frontman, Champ, revealed that the song was unexpectedly created while he was cleaning his guitar. He immediately called Roll and asked him to finish the song.

“I consider Roll one of the best composers and lyricists in the country, and we haven’t written a song in more than a decade,” he shared. “I saw this as an opportunity for us to relive those younger days of us co-writing music together. It was very nostalgic, a core memory that will always be part of the song whenever I hear it.”

hale comeback new song

Photo: UMG Philippines/Hale

With lyrics that says, “Tahan na / Huwag mag-alala / Na kahit anong mangyari/ Ako’y nandito,” “Klaro” is just a taste of what’s coming for Hale. Through their music and distinct lyricism, the band assures their fans, both the old and new, that they are here to stay and sing the truths from their heart and soul.

hale comeback new song klaro

Hale is known for their hits “The Day You Said Goodnight,” “Blue Sky,” “Kahit Pa,” and “Kung Wala Ka.” They are among the most iconic 2000s OPM bands, who received several nominations and awards throughout their career.

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