Hairloss Treatment by Svenson: Day 1

If you want to look sexy When in Manila, it can be difficult to do if you’re going bald! That’s where Svenson comes in. Check out the only hair regrowth company that really delivers!

Hairloss 101

So in addition to getting to talk with hairloss expert Michael Bernstein, I was also lucky enough to get an appointment with Svenson for my first treatment! My hair has been sadly disappearing over the past 3 years but I’ve decided to take a stand and fight! No longer will I let my genetics control my full head of luscious hair. Prevention is the best offense and I plan to take it seriously!


For me, my hairloss has been something that I never really liked to admit. Sure, it’s one thing to notice your hairline is receding, but to actually say it out loud means it’s real!

Scary! However after talking to Michael and the team at Svenson’s, I realized that I need to take this seriously and stop my early balding while I still can!

Case and point. Here’s what my dad looks like. This is me now. Let’s keep it this way–sorry dad :).

6734_1115675304421_4931678_n    DSC05113

I was a little shy when I first got to Svenson. I don’t want to let people know that I’m losing my hair, but I opened up to the professionals and am glad I did. If you have hairloss, or even a receding hairline, or anyone in your family that has lost hair CALL THEM! Seriously, because if you don’t it will be too late.




Expert Hairloss Consultation

The Svenson office in Makati was warm and receptive and helped put me at ease. I met with one of the consultants right as soon as I got there who went over my family history of hairloss, as well as any other conditions. She walked me through diagrams to make sure I understood what was happening on my scalp and explained the various treatments that Svenson has to help. Today I was starting with the corrective stage, anti-DHT treatment, topical hair regrowth booster and the bonus of the cold laser treatment.


Hairloss Treatment Begins!

After shampooing my hair it was time to work! First up was the Revage 670 cold laser treatment. I felt like I was getting a perm at a beauty salon, but the machine whirred and ticked assuring me it was working magic. After 20 minutes I moved on to the cleansing.



For the cleansing stage two different topical solutions were applied by friendly assistants. I even learned some new Tagalog words while waiting! The treatment was administered in two parts, 3 minutes for the mysterious “blue” solution, which had a quite pleasant cooling sensation and 3 minutes the follow up clear liquid.

And that was it! Here are more pictures of me to mark my “before” stage. Hopefully in a few months I’ll be looking like Brad Pitt!



So remember, When in Manila, look out for my hair because it’s making a come back, all thanks to Svenson!

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