Habagat Sounds: Helping Typhoon Victims through Music

WHEN IN MANILA, natural calamities, such as earthquakes, floods, and storms, are inevitable. The least we, Filipinos, can do is to be prepared when disasters challenge our resilience and support each other in times of need.

There are a lot of ways in which we could donate and help. Even if you’re just staying at home, sharing rescue posts on Facebook and Twitter can already make a lot of difference.

In line of this modern mode of extending one’s help, we would like to promote another way wherein people can help both the victims of typhoon Maring and our local musicians.

Habagat Sounds, which was launched during Typhoon Gener in last year, is a non-profit and pro-active crowd funding project of ArtisteConnect.com designed for music fans and musicians to support current and future victims of natural disasters in the Philippines.

“When unfortunate events like these arise, we will not try to pull up funds just after a calamity strikes but instead we will be ready or at least have a head start,” says ArtisteConnect.

People can give Php100, Php500, or Php1,000 to have access to a folder loaded with original music from musicians who contributed tracks to fill this digital download compilation with tender loving goodness. The project is expected to raise Php50,000 until September 15, 2013.

As of August 23, 2013, the folder contains 130+ tracks! (including tracks from Habagat Sounds I:  Benefit for Typhoon Gener) of released and unreleased material from:

Habagat Sounds I

Ely Buendia, Kjwan, Pin-up Girls, Pedicab, Squid 9, Turbo Goth, Ang Bandang Shirley, Valley of Chrome, Matilda, Plant a Tree with Owel Alvero and Mike Guevarra, Mayo Baluyut, IamTong, Benjie Estanislao & Micheal Danan, DJ Arbie Won, Miscellaneous, Ill-J feat Monique, Salbakuta, Flying Ipis, Gaijin, The Mechanic, Death By Tampon, The Gold Dust Mannequins, Snailhead, Throw, Voice of Tranquility, Bianca Peralta, Gene Roca, Spazzkid, Patience Dear Juggernaut, A Problem Like Maria, Dream Carousel, Stoplight Go!, Blind Stereo Moon, My Parasol, Modulogeek, Slow Hello, Similar Objects, Hannah and Gabi, Archaster, Soaked, Chongkiko, Vintage Boy, Eye Dress, Boyo, Ian Rondilla, Vinyard, Valet Parking, Wallster, Travelator, Moda, Mark dela Cruz, Monsterbot, Tarsius, Eggboy, IndayBote, Joop!  The Pull-It Surprise, X2M, Mecha Hell, Kapnobatai, Sleep Is The Enemy, Lady Ransom, Peryodiko, Proud Mary, and Nicco Saliva

Habagat Sounds II

Johnny Alegre 3, Estalilla/Covert Ops, Cerumentric, Nyko Maca, Kyril Dice, Lust Bass, Love Never Dies, Buhayin si Juan, The Strange Creatures, Triptik, Johnny and The Rakets, Japsuki, Sinyma, Ryl David, Kidzpool, Dropouts, Uncle Mullet, Selah, Virus Artists, Steady Machine, Bubblegoo, Sky Dive Academy, Yugto, Forgetting Luna, and Kontra Tiempo

To know more about how one can participate in this project, see the details below.

WHEN IN MANILA, extend your sympathy and support to our fellow Filipinos. Participate in relief and rescue operations through any way you can. Take part in Habagat Sounds today.


H A B A G A T   S O U N D S
Website: artisteconnect.com • Facebook: /artisteconnect


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