H Desserts: The Most Unique Desserts In Town

WHEN IN MANILA, desserts have become a dining staple with the popping of mouth-watering dessert places around town. I know in my household, a meal with no ice cream, cakes or cupcakes cannot be dubbed as a meal. That is why I am always on the lookout for really good dessert places to be a part of our dinner party. And boy did I find a real good dessert place!


H Desserts, a home based dessert shop, offers some of the best desserts and unique cupcakes I have ever tasted! Check out the following personal faves of mine from H Desserts.




Left: H Dessert’s blueberry cupcake is amazeballs! I’ve always been a fan of blueberries and cupcakes so it’s really no brainer that I would love this one too.

Right: H Dessert’s Gorilla cupcake is too beautiful to eat up, ain’t it? But trust me; once you sink your teeth into this cupcake goodness, you wouldn’t be able to stop. Yes, it’s that good.




I’ve always been amazed with the cake pops. Up to now I’m still wonderstrucked with the innovation the people did with a simple cake batter. H Dessert’s Chocolate coated Strawberry Cake Pop is so addicting! And the gold glitters make it even more sparkly—literally.




Apart from desserts, H Desserts also offers savory dishes. Their Creamy Portobello Pie is too good for words. And this is coming from a girl who still picks her veggies off her pizza.




Left: When In Manila readers, meet H Desserts’ Shrimp Cupcake. Sometimes in life, things are much better left as a surprise. Give it a try and leave me a quick comment if it was a good surprise or a bad one for you. I know it was a good one for me.

Right: I love cheese, tomatoes, and cupcakes but I never thought that these three can be rolled up into one. H Desserts’ cheese and tomato cupcake is so good I kept coming back for more.


So what are you waiting for guys? Give H Desserts a call and try out some of the most unique desserts WHEN IN MANILA.




H Desserts


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H Desserts: The Most Unique Desserts In Town