Gyms are closed so these trainers switch from lifting dumbbells to durians

The worldwide spread of the new coronavirus has led to the closure of many establishments, including gyms, in order to urge people to stay at home.

In Thailand, fitness centers were shut down by the government to ensure that further spread of the virus is prevented.

Hence, gym trainers are switching “careers” from lifting barbells and dumbbells to lifting and selling durians.

Bsamfruit Durian Delivery in Chiang Mai just opened their business and they hired fitness instructors to lift and sell durians.

durian gym trainers 7

It seems like hiring gym trainers is benefitting the business as they have a growing customer base two weeks after they have opened.

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There have been comments on their Facebook page asking for their location.

Aside from durian, the store is also selling other fruits like mangosteen, mango, and rambutan.

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