Guy With a Helmet Inside Jeepney Goes Viral, The Reason Behind Will Inspire You Stop Drunk Driving

Driving while under the influence of alcohol (or drugs/texting) is one of the major causes of road accidents in the Philippines. In a 2015 World Health Organization road safety report, it showed that most cases were motorcycle riders.

However, this guy’s video that went viral last week will inspire you to put #safetyfirst.

drunk motorist

Roberto uploaded a short video of this allegedly drunk motorist, who was still wearing his helmet, inside the Jeepney.

According to Roberto Lucila Tabo, the guy was drunk and might have left his motorcycle somewhere. He praised the drunk motorist for leaving his motorcycle and riding the Jeepney instead.

The guy received positive responses and praises for being a “law abiding citizen.”

Here’s the full caption:

Idol si kuya. Ganito dapat… kapag senglot na iwan na motor commute na lang pauwi, and huwag kalimutan ang helmet! safety first parin baka madapa at mabagok ang ulo kasi lasheng! Hahaha! #seyptipers

The video received  1,291,115 views and nearly 7k shares on Facebook!

Watch the video here:

Kudos to you, Kuya! We hope that this video Roberto uploaded will inspire everyone to become a responsible driver.

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