Guy Stealing Money Gets Caught in a Student Selfie

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s never to leave my things out of my sight. I think this is easier for a mom like me to do because I am so used to watching my kid play from the corner of my eyes, but no matter who you are or how safe you think a place might be: don’t ever leave your things out of your sight.

This becomes even more evident after these students took a selfie in a clinic just to become victims of a thief who took advantage of their little moment of fun. The funny thing is they caught the guy red-handed in the photo!

student selfie guy gets caught red-handed

Can’t see it? Here’s a closer look:

student selfie guy gets caught red-handed

According to netizen Fred Borreo, whom we got the photos from, “sumabay [siya] sa mga estudyante, binuksan ang bag, kinuha lang ang pera saka umalis…” [Translation: “He came in with the students, opened the bag, took the money and left.”]

Unfortunately, Fred says they have no idea where to find him.

Does he look familiar to any of you? We hope you can help us share this post and find him, so we can hear his side of the story!

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