LOL: This Guy Has a Fly on His Forehead in His Graduation Photos

What was your graduation photo like? Was it unforgettable? Obviously, there’s not much that can happen to make a graduation photo memorable, but 20-year-old Dave Tristan Robles definitely has an unforgettable one to boast about, having found a fly in one of the photos taken during the shoot.

“I decided to upload my photos on social media because I found them so funny,” he shares. In his post, his caption reads, “Yung feeling na yung alaga mong langaw kasabay mo grumaduate HAHAHAHA”. [That feeling when you graduate with your pet fly.]

Graduation Langaw 1

Spot the fly on his forehead!Graduation Langaw 2

Here’s a closer look!

While some people have claimed that the fly might have merely been Photoshopped onto the photo, Dave swears that there really was a fly on his forehead that time. Of course, he didn’t get that one printed since he had a lot of other shots to shoot from; but still, it makes for a funny story! See his original post here.

Got any funny graduation stories of your own to share?