Guy Finds Super Rare Nintendo Playstation Console In His Attic!

You read that right… a Nintendo Playstation!

Way before they became rivals in the game console industry, Sony and Nintendo were actually friendly to each other!

In fact, the two companies were tight enough to collaborate on a gaming console sometime in the early 1990s!

The lovechild of their brief collaboration??

Nintendo Playstation

The Nintendo Playstation!! This retro baby was meant to play Nintendo cartridges, as well as CD games!! Apparently, only 200 PROTOTYPES were ever made… save for this gaming artifact that has stood the test of time thanks to a certain Terry Diebold of Philadelphia, USA!

According to reports, Terry used to work as a maintenance man at a company called Advanta Corporation, responsible for the tie-up between Sony and Nintendo. But after the deal quickly went bust, Terry took the console with him, kept it in the attic, only to be found by his son Dan about two decades later!

The console apparently also comes with a mystery cartridge and CD, but reports say that the console hasn’t been turned on yet because it currently lacks a power cord.

We’re wondering how much he can sell this for… but we’d love to see him keep it in a museum instead!!

What do you think of this?? What consoles did you play in the 90’s??