LOOK: Guppy Printed Local Artists’ Photographs on Shorts!

Guppy created a new fashion collection called Destination and it just hit a whole new level of local artistry promotion.

Guppy is a local fashion brand that was inspired by and made for life in the tropics. It is a true embodiment of an islander and is perfect for adventurous souls seeking style and comfort in their daily wear.

They started out by selling beach-ready shorts with prints that fully encapsulate the brand image. Eventually, they grew as a business and branched out to make polos to match the shorts. The polos are amazing and have the same quality and character that the Guppy shorts are known for: they’re fresh, bright, and breezy. To add to the list, Guppy recently released Destination, a collection of “Photo Shorts”.

Guppy partnered with local photographers and basically used their photos as prints on the shorts. The result is absolutely magical. Each design tells a story and not only does this acknowledge and showcase the talents of these artists; it also promotes the beauty and wonder of the Philippines.

The photographers that Guppy worked with are Mark Roa, Arturo “A” Dedace III, Gab Mejia, and John Oranga. Here is a sneak peek of the limited edition premium collection:

John Oranga (@johnoranga_mw) – Parking Lot & Man’s Boulder, God’s Pebbles

Arturo “A” Dedace III (@adedace) – Summer Soldiers & Broken Glass

Mark Roa (@gotmarked) – Vacation Leave & Ocean Drive

Gab Mejia (@gabmejia) – Light Chaser & An Orange Ocean

We have amazing photographers with world-class talent and Guppy is doing a great job at showcasing this to the world. This collaboration is a testament that our country has so much to offer, and we love it even more that we can look good while doing so.

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What are you waiting for? Buy a pair and let the world know what we can do. At Php1,199, these shorts are definitely worth it. Go for the #GuppyLife!

Guppy PH


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Website: https://www.guppy.ph

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/guppyshorts

Instagram: @guppyshorts


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