Guilly’s X: A Decade of Proportions


They are one of the longest running nightclubs in the metro – known for excellent crowd, food and music. They aim to cater people by giving them a high-energy place where they can socialize and dance to the hottest music; and now after 10 years, they still remain as the no. 1 club up North. Guilly’s Island in Tomas Morato remains #undisputed.

This november 28 (Saturday), as they celebrate their 10 years in the business the Urban Revolution Productions with Turf Entertainment are bringing you Guilly’s X: A Decade of Epic Proportions. There will be a car show from6pm to 11pm to be succeeded by a Rave party featuring DJ Big Boy and Ashley Rivera with the rest of the Guilly’s Island gang – DJ Rhon Rebleza, DJ Miggy Apostol, DJ Kimura and DJ Ariel. Together with MC Bounce of Project Pinas on the mic and Regi Valenzuela of Regi Valenzuela Photography, they are all bringing the house down.

Cars. Girls. Tattoo. Booze. It’s all happening in one night. We got your Saturday night locked nd loaded.

For guestlist, e-mail your full names to

For VIP table prices:

5k- good for 3-5 persons
7k- good for 6-8 persons
10k- good for 10-14 persons
(All consumable food and drinks)

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