LIST: Get Everyday Healthcare Essentials for the Family on GSK’s Super Brand Day!

Health continues to be our top priority even as the world is increasingly opening up to propel us back into old routines of reporting to the office every day, hanging out with friends outdoors, and going on leisure trips within the country and abroad. So keep your family safe and protected by shopping for daily essentials, vitamins, and other healthcare needs with GSK on Shopee!

GSK is currently holding its Super Brand Day from April 19 to 20, 2022, promising awesome and sulit deals like discounts of up to 50% and freebies. Ahead, we’ve listed down our top picks from the Brand Sale:

Scotts DHA Gummies Strawberry 60 1

1. Scott’s DHA Strawberry Gummies

Scott’s DHA Gummies is a daily food supplement for kids. It has DHA Omega 3 and Vitamin D that help support children’s brain development. Each pack contains animal-shaped gummies in two great-tasting flavors, Strawberry and Orange, that kids will enjoy. BUY it here while it’s at 15% off!

scotts vitamin c pastilles

2. Scott’s Vitamin C Pastilles

Scott’s Vitamin C Pastilles is a daily food supplement that provides 100% Vitamin C for kids. It has two yummy flavors, Mixed Berries and Orange, that kids will love. Each pack contains 50 pastilles and may be taken with or without food. BUY it here while it’s at 10% off!

sensodyne toothpaste

3. Sensodyne Deep Clean Gel Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth

Combines effective sensitivity relief with advanced cleaning and lasting freshness. It uses foam boost technology to reach all areas of the mouth, actively removing plaque and stains, to give you lasting freshness and a thorough clean you can feel. BUY it here!

centrum advance

4. Centrum Advance

Centrum Advance is a daily multivitamin specially formulated to help protect your entire body with a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It applies up-to-date nutritional science to support your health, protecting your heart, eyes, immune system and so much more. BUY it here!

sensodyne gum care toothbrush

5. Sensodyne Sensitive Gum Care Toothbrush

This toothbrush by Sensodyne assures precision cleaning at the gumline, thanks to its silky bristles, smooth round ends that are designed to be gentle on gums, and small, dome-shaped head. BUY it here!

polident dentures adhesive

6. Polident Flavour Free Denture Adhesive

Polident fixatives contain two adhesives polymers, which expand as they absorb saliva. As they expand they interlock, creating a soft, cushioning layer between your dentures and gum tissue. Polident cleansers are formulated with four powerful cleaning ingredients that act together to clean your dentures. Two of these ingredients release active oxygen to kill bacteria and help remove stains. Polident is also gentle on dentures and suitable for everyday use. BUY it here!

polident cleanser

7. Polident Whitening Denture Cleanser Tablet

Dentures need special care and Polident’s 4-in-1 Cleaning System is your answer! Polident’s 4-in-1 cleaning system contains 4 cleaning agents that act together helping to keep your denture as clean as possible. It kills 99.99% of odour causing bacteria and helps remove plaque and stains when used as directed. BUY it here!


8. Ibuprofen (Advil) for Fever and Pain Relief

Advil relieves mild to moderate pain and inflammation associated with dysmenorrhea, headache including migraine, post-op and dental pain, musculoskeletal and joint disorders, OA and RA including juvenile idiopathic arthritis, and more. BUY it here!

driclor roll on

9. Driclor Antiperspirant Roll On

Driclor’s roll-on is an antiperspirant that stops excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) of the armpits, hands or feet. Apply Driclor before going to bed at night to block the sweat glands while they are least active, then wash it off in the morning. BUY it here!


10. Stresstabs

Did you know you could fight the effects of stress? Take Stresstabs with Skin-Repairing and Immunity Building Nutrients that help restore nutrients and help fight the effects stress. Stresstabs replenishes more nutrients coming from more vitamins. BUY it here!

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