Grooms, It’s Okay To Be Pampered Too. Here Are 5 Reasons Why

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Whenever a woman is to be married, she enters the long-held tradition of getting ready and being at her best long before tying the knot. For brides to be, the pampering starts months before the wedding — there are the spa dates, the dress fittings, the makeup trials, the facial appointments, all to ensure that she is primped, pressed and poised on the big day.

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What about the grooms, though? Men, on the other hand, are scampering for the nearest barong or suit rental, with hardly any concept of care or preparation at the same level as their blushing brides. But who says grooms can’t get pampered before their wedding day? Style and grooming rituals aren’t exclusive to the ladies, after all. Here are reasons why grooms-to-be should consider indulging themselves just in time for the wedding bells.

5. It gives grooms an opportunity to bond with his entourage

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Take your cue from the ladies, gents: while the bride is out with her maid of honor and bridesmaids going on spa parties and saying yes to the dress, the men don’t have many social rituals aside from that bachelor’s party. While you’re free to celebrate your last days of single-hood however you wish, there are other ways to bond with the bros that don’t have to be limited to trashing a hotel room. Check out a classy, private man cave with a working bar that’s great for conversation, good music, and top-notch booze.

4. It helps them to relax before the wedding

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Planning a wedding can bring loads of stress on a couple: who to invite, where the venue will take place, dealing with suppliers, and just overall making sure that everything would go without a hitch. Sometimes all you need is a breather. Avail of a premium barber service, get a slick haircut and a massage, and allow yourself to be indulged, in order to get a fresh look and perspective.

3. A dashing suit boosts men’s confidence

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While it can be romantic to declare that you’d get married in whatever outfit, why look lousy when you can look like James Bond on your wedding day? Like in the movie Kingsman, a suit is a modern-day knight’s armor.

2. Grooms can look sharp with the right accessories

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Since you’re already in a suit, complete the debonair look by adding the right shoes accessories. Go for some high-quality leather oxfords, and while you’re at it, add some cufflinks, get a classic tie, don an elegant watch and fasten a boutonniere to your lapel.

1. So they can look their best when they face their bride


The bride isn’t the only star on the wedding day — she is getting married to someone, after all! Even as all heads turn towards her the second she walks down the aisle, you’d want to be right ahead of her looking your best. As soon as she takes your hand, one look is all it takes for her to know she’s made the right choice.

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For guys looking for a man cave that suits their needs and lifestyle before the wedding, check out Spectre Manila. It’s a premier lifestyle concept store that has everything for a groom and his entourage, all in one place— they have a made-to-measure suit shop, a working bar, quality leather goods, and a barbershop by Union Station! Get yourself and your groomsmen some sharp suits, treat yourselves to haircuts, and shop for top-notch shoes and accessories. You can even just hang out with your entourage and avail some fine whiskey from their bar.

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