GRL PWR: Elite Aerial Arts

Real Bodies. Real Beauty.

Real Bodies. Real Beauty. Your limitations don’t define you, it’s the strength that you develop that matters. In this modern era, this is what we stand for. The unapologetic wonder of the female form and all of its abilities. We are free to think and we only think positively. We rule the world through self-belief and a sisterhood that inspires each other. Darling, you are more than enough. You are Elite.

Elite Aerial Arts is hosting a dance recital on the 4th of May 2019 to showcase the final piece that these women have been working towards. It is an evening of GRL PWR, the physical manifestation of confidence. Watch as our students tap into their well of energy within and harness their might. Stare in amazement while they show their abilities. This is where boundaries are broken to achieve physical greatness. This is your power, girl. Come and take it.


“Real Bodies. Real Beauty” is about breaking the boundaries of expectations that body types set up. There isn’t one perfect body that is said to be fit for a certain activity. With enough time and work, anybody can show the skills that they have honed. This campaign works more on the mentality of women, it compliments, it pushes them to think positively about themselves, and it reminds them that they have this support system through a sisterhood at Elite.

GRL PWR is emphasized in order to show that the power is truly theirs. These women don’t need to borrow it from other people, they don’t need someone else to feel complete, and they don’t need to fake it because it’s really inside them. It’s the strength they have within that they need to extract in order to reach their goals and show what women can do.

Elite Aerial Arts

Elite Aerial Arts is a pole, dance, and aerial arts studio where you can allow yourself to shake off the normality of everyday life through unique fitness activities. It’s a safe space, both literally and metaphorically, where you can unleash who you’re meant to be. Regardless of your gender, age, and fitness background, the studio puts a heavy focus on creating a mindset where you realize that you are confident, as well as pushing you to reach peak physical wellness.

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