Green March: Call for Passing of the 3 Green Bills




NLUA or National Land Use Act

“The Philippines is the only country in Southeast Asia without a clear and comprehensive land use law – and it has led to the abuse and misuse of our land resources.”-NLUA Briefer

AMMB or Alternative Mineral Management Bill

“This bill promotes the conservation of our non-renewable mineral resources for the benefit of both present and future generations of Filipinos through the implementation of sustainable, planned and needs-based management of minerals towards the more effective use of national industrialization and modernization of our agriculture.” -AMMB Primer

FRB or Forest Resources Bill

The Philippine Forests used to cover 80% of the country’s total land area. Now, it’s down to 24% according to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) estimate of forest cover and about 3% primary forest cover. The loss of forest cover did not translate into long term sustainable development.

The existing mandated legislation, the 1975 Revised Forestry Code only addresses forest management and utilization. It needs to be strengthened and revised.



Thus, various environment NGOs (listed below) will hold a peaceful march and fair to urge legislators and political leaders to fast tract the enactment of the National Land Use Act, Forest Resources Bill, Alternative Minerals Management Bill – collectively known as Green Bills. Foundation for the Philippine Environment, Campaign for Land Use Policy NOW, The Haribon Foundation, SOS Yamang Bayan Network, Green Convergence – Philippines, Tao Muna – Hindi Mina, Alyansa Tigil Mina, Task Force Detainees of the Philippines, Lilak (Purple Action for Indigenous Women’s Rights), DAKILA, KAISAHAN, Philippine Movement for Climate Justice,Youth for Rights (Y4R), and their respective networks this event will be a mass action to advocate and push the Green Bills. The bills will include provisions that essentially ensure continued and efficient use of forest resources by present and future generations.

This mass action hopes to push the proposed Green Bills into reality. 


July 25, 2015 (Saturday).

Venue: Quezon City Circle , Liwasang Aurora, center fountain area. If you want to join the Green March around the Quezon City Circle, crowd meet-up is at the North Ave. Entrance at 7 AM.

Main Event: Green Festival will start at will 9AM at the Quezon City Circle.

Participants are encouraged to wear green shirt.


Encourage participants to join the Green Festival:

CausePlay– If you are a cosplayer or aspiring to be one, this is an event made for you! Participating is as easy as wearing a “green” comic costume which may be your own creation or an existing comic, cartoon, or anime character!

Forest Food Fair – Are you a professional chef, a talented cook or a self-confessed foodie? This is your chance to show off your gastronomic skills by creating food samplings exclusively crafted and inspired from natural ingredients and organic produce and/or crops. Preferably no synthetic materials or chemicals ingredients added and incorporate nature as its inspiration for food design or art.

This is open to anyone who’s interested to showcase their food/ catering business or for those who simply want to share their culinary talent.

You may also participate as food tasters who can vote for the best forest-inspired recipe.

Table and others will be provided by the event organizer.

Murals – Get your hands dirty by painting or drawing for the Green Bills withDakila! Materials will be given during the event.

Photo Booths and Exhibits– NGOs representing different sectors of environment conservation & advocacy will hold photo booths and photo exhibits to aid in disseminating information about their work.

Main Program – Speakers will elucidate the public on the Green Bills and why they matter.

Performances – Kontra Gapi of UP Diliman will be one of the performing artists present during the Green Festival.

We encourage everyone to attend this free event and bring your friends and family!


Forest Food Fair - contest poster