Green Art: An Environmental Advocacy

When In Manila and you want to learn more about the famous artists and their collection of ageless art. then you should go to your nearest bookstore and grab a copy of Green Art, An Environmental Advocacy.


Don’t you think we have such a beautiful planet? Unfortunately, with all the modernization and technology going about amongst others, out planet is slowly becoming more and more polluted and we are having less and less green.


Moreover, after all the calamities that struck our nation, it has become a must for everyone to stop sitting around and start doing something to save our country. There are heroes who go all out with their many programs and volunteer missions to save the planet, and then again, there are those who sit quietly and contribute in their own little way. These are the visual artists. They use the talents God has given them to catch the Filipino’s attention and emotion. “Their collective ideas, mindsets, imaginations, and sense of mission to promote environmental advocacy gave birth to GREEN ART”


Green Art 01



Press Release:

Carlos Arellano pushes art to a new level with “Green Art: An Environmental Advocacy” Coffee Table Book

Preserving art for its beauty and pushing an environmental advocacy while at it is what Carlos Arellano’s new coffee table book is about. Chuckie’s new volume of a Collection of Ageless Art entitled, “Green Art: An Environmental Advocacy” featured collection of artworks that induces the need to preserve the beauty of nature that inspire paintings and artworks in the country. Chuckie Arellano continues to promote the emerging Filipino artists of the century including celebrities and beauties from the film worlds as well as emerging new promising artists. Born from a family of art aficionados including Arcadio Arellano, the first Philippine licensed Architect, his father, Otilio Arellano who did the first International film in the Philippines and Juan Arellano , the master architect of the famed Post Office ,Metropolitan Theater and Jones Bridge which stand as a historical site in Manila, Chuckie Arellano turned the passion in the arts to an advocacy in a coffee table book that will not just promote the emerging local artists and painters of today but will also preserve nature so as not to scare the public majority – the wear and tear of art that depreciates its quality in time.


Art Appreciation to greater heights

Chuckie Arellano’s Green Art collection include The Masters paintings and artworks like that of Fernando Amorsolo, Juan Luna, Edades, Arellano and others. Emerging and established Artists pieces preserved in his coffee table book collection invite the senses to appreciate the local artists interpretation of what particular Green Art they value most with brief introductions to guide the viewers. Each artist featured in the coffee table book mentioned his or her personal impression of green art in the country.


Green Art 02



The Art Collector brings the passion at home

Chuckie’s “Green Art: An Environmental Advocacy” also featured his collection of artworks at home written by Nick A. Legaspi The last section of the book dubbed, “The Residenz” discussed how the collection grew and how it inspired Chuckie to preserve the legacy of the arts int he family and the community to keep promoting our very own local promising artists. It is through these collections and this coffee table book that the collector becomes more of a philanthropist appreciating the different breed of talents in the arts that heed recognition and appreciation.


The coffee table book that cries for environmental preservation

Enjoining the collector of the arts as well as the non- collector, the book goes beyond interpretation , an art appreciation culture we should all impose on the youth today. For while the majority who heeds for the mindset to creativity, Chuckie Arellano’s “Green Art: An Environmental Advocacy” cries of the beauty that may soon disappear if not well preserved.


A copy of Chuckie Arellano’s “Green Art: An Environmental Advocacy” books are now available at MAJOR bookstores nationwide