#GrannyHair is a Thing on Instagram

 What comes to your mind when someone says “granny hair”? Because this is exactly what comes to my mind:


“Ang ganda nang lola mo!”

But fashion, as we have all been witness to,  is a fun and fearless animal– hence the rise of very questionable but popular trends like the mullet or neon spandex gym clothes of the 80’s or (god forbid) the more recent rise of the elephant pants. There is value in being bold in this endeavour and this new trend is one example of being both beautiful and confusing at the same time.

Meet the #grannyhair.


Honestly, I cannot decide if I find this hair trend pretty or just absolutely ridiculous. So of course, to get a better perspective, I researched and found my favourite #grannyhair photos:




Alas, not even these pretty girls couldn’t get me on board with this new trend. Call me a fashion pedestrian but it seems a little counterproductive to be dyeing your hair gray when there are throngs of women colouring their hair precisely to cover gray hair.

Besides, I’d rather be this type of  fashion lola: 


Photo from Time.com

(gray hair mandatory)

What do you think about #grannyhair? 


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