This new series brings back memories of your grandma and makes you hungry, too

Filipinos are known to be family-oriented, maintaining close family ties even with distant relatives. Because of this, it’s not uncommon to find multi-generation or extended families living under one roof.

Filipinos are also very respectful toward their elders, especially to their lolos and lolas. They step in as guardians when parents are away, always eager to spend time with their apos. Whether they act as a warm and sympathetic friend and always siding with their apos and spoiling them to no end, or a strict and stern mentor that’s quick to correct any misdemeanors and dole out sermons, grandparents undeniably serve a critical role for families and society.

Photo from the Church of Jesus Christ

Photo from the Church of Jesus Christ

Outside of the family, grandparents also provide a role in maintaining a community’s identity. They pass down stories about their neighborhood, their province of origin, their own family history, and other relevant anecdotes in an effort to keep tradition and lessons alive.

To pay tribute to the part they play in child-rearing, family relations, and societal identity, Filipino grandparents have been annually celebrated during Grandparents Day for decades every second Sunday in September in the Philippines.

Grandparents: The Cornerstone of the Family

Among the many lessons and stories we can learn from our grandparents, one of them would definitely be related to cooking. After all, Filipinos are known to be big ‘foodies’ even before the term was created. A fond childhood memory for many Filipinos would likely be of their lola cooking their favorite food in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has barred many children from visiting their lolos and lolas in the previous months. If you find yourself missing your lola’s specialties, Asian Food Network (AFN) has cooked up just the right show that will leave you with a greater appreciation for your grandparents, especially for your lola.

Photo from AFC

Photo from AFN

Starting Thursday, October 15 at 9:00 PM, AFN will air brand new episodes of Granny Knows Best where British presenter and documentary producer Jamie Bilbow will take viewers on a journey across rural China to learn from the masters of home cooking: grandmas.

AFN is available on Sky Cable CH 248, Cignal TV CH 62, and Destiny Cable CH 22.

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