Grandeur: A Voyage into the Core of Luxury Hotel Business


Classcinq Productions is an event production established by the class of 4H5 of the University of Santo Tomas, College of Tourism and Hospitality Management. Elegance and sophistication is displayed in every output from conceptualization up to the execution.

Grandeur: A Voyage into the Core of Luxury Hotel Business, is the premier event for Classcinq Productions. It showcases the corporate angle of luxury hotels both locally and internationally.

Topics to be discussed:


  1. Developing a Successful Business Concept for Luxury Resorts

– How to Start Luxury Resorts Conceptualization

– Facilities and Amenities Suitable to High End Resorts and Hotels

– Government Requirement for Accreditation

– Effective Business Strategies for a Successful Resort

  1. Challenges in Creating Luxury Resorts

– Recognizing the Challenges in Luxury Resort and Hotel Operations

– Ways of Coping with the Challenges of these Companies


  1. Managing and Cultivating Talents for Effective Resort Operations

– Trainings Done for the Employees

 – Capabilities/Requirements of the Employees to Enter the Industry

  – Benefits Given to the Employees

  1. Captivating the Interests of Guests

– Factors Making Resorts and Hotels Luxurious

 – Push and Pull Factors in Marketing Luxurious Destinations

– Famous Attractions and Recreational Activities Offered


  1. Role of Social Media in the Promotion of Luxury Resorts and Hotels

– Insights and Experiences in Luxury Resorts and Hotels in the Philippines

  1. Future Trends in Luxury Resorts and Hotels

Green Marketing

  • Organic Food
  • Environmental Contributions