Graffiti in Manila



Graffiti on the wall along Sgt. Esguerra Ave., beside Symphony Towers




 When in Manila, it’s hard to miss the writings on the wall. From the warm industrial pipes along EDSA to the nonsense scribbled in bathroom stalls, we Filipinos seem to have a penchant to scribble on things that are not meant to be scribbled on. Some would call it a form of teenage rebellion, but others see a higher purpose for an otherwise abandoned spot wall. Wether it’s to call others to a cause or just a way to express their freedom and passion to the world, graffiti is an ever-evolving platform that’s taking the country by storm. 



There seems to be different kinds of wall art out there. There are the single color, single word tags that usually speak of revolution to oust a politician. Then there are the tags that fill your eyes with color, all displaying the names of the artists that made them. It’s all about street cred after all, and getting your name out there helps. Finally there are those murals that seem to have been commissioned for a higher purpose. Included here is the unfinished, but fantastic mural along UP made by the same guys who claim that Dolphins Love Freedom. 



For the last few weeks, I have been slightly obsessive about going around the neighborhood and snapping photos of graffiti. It’s surprising the things you see when you actually start to look for it. The back corners of Katipunan are rife with colorful walls (try to spot the mermaid on Katipunan Extension!), even the road to Ortigas has ‘eat, spray, love’ scrawled on the wall. It was just a matter of snapping a photo, which is no easy feat while in a moving car. 




This wall in Brgy. Matandang Balara was recently destroyed to make way for a new road. 





Structure found at the entrance to Capitol Drive. 





Wether it was made by KST or PSP, Okto or Nuno, when in Manila, its the kind of art that makes you wish you could stop and stare. It’s all in the little details of the art, what you can see and what you can’t. 






  ‘The End’ found at the entrance to Commonwealth from QC Circle.






 The Katipunan Supreme Team makes their mark on QC Circle. 






 Katipunan’ mural along UP Diliman, made by the same group as Dolphins Love Freedom





Nuno makes his mark on Katipunan.