(Grad)Waiting In Vain

Article by Deina Ida Blancaflor

Padayon, Iskolars!
Batch 2017 is long-gone and treading the waters of the post-graduate, real-world, working life. We have nothing but a load of congratulations for this newly-graduated bunch, recognizing and rewarding all their hard work for their four to five years of stay in the university. Thank you for upholding the pillars of honor and excellence and for being an inspiration to all those striving to reach where you are now.
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But this article’s not for them. This article’s for those fighting their way through the chaos; those set to graduate last June but who got a little lost along the way; those what if’s and what could have been’s and everything in between.
College is an entirely different piece of the puzzle. You learn – or are rather forced – to stand on your own two feet. You learn responsibility by keeping track of your own deadlines and not expecting to be spoonfed by your professors. You learn courage by going out of your comfort zone and trying out things you have zero knowledge about. You learn independence by choosing your own courses, cooking your own meals, and managing your own time. In college, you get a taste of the so-called “real world” the adults at the grown-up table reminisce about.
Given that, it doesn’t come as a shock that college may be a tad bit overwhelming for some. But worry not because sooner or later, you’ll learn the ropes and get to enjoy life’s misadventures, all at your own pace.

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So here’s to the lost and confused. Choosing your degree program is one of the biggest decisions one would be making in his/her life; staying in it is a different story. Don’t beat yourself up if you’re still unsure whether you’re on the right path or not. It’s never too late to pursue that career you’ve always wanted or to hone that passion you’ve kept at bay for a while. What matters, in the end, is that where you are is where you’re happiest.
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Here’s to the ones finding their way. Finally deciding where you belong is a feat in itself, but you wouldn’t get anywhere if words just remain as words and dreams just exist in your imagination. Cliché as it may sound, you have to fight for the things that matter, so learn that foreign language, consult that adviser, and do everything in your power to get one step closer to where you want to be.
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Here’s to the ones failing. The thing about failure is that you never actually fail; you learn a thing or two in the process and come back stronger than who you were before. It’s normal in college to get failing marks, but what is more of value are actually the things you learn along the way – book-wise or not – and not the tres-splattered card you’ve garnered that semester.
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Ultimately, here’s to the ones delayed.

Remember that college isn’t about who gets first to the finish line. It’s about learning, growing, and experiencing all that life has to offer. It’s about making every semester count. So shift to that degree program, take that Art course you’ve always wanted, muster up the courage to talk to your crush in that general elective subject. The journey to life isn’t a one-way street; take this as a little detour, and trust that you’ll still get to your destination.

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Your sunflower will soon bloom. You just need a little more sunshine, time, and patience. That’s the beauty of life – it’s a mixture of the good’s, the bad’s, and the in between’s, and yours will surely be a masterpiece no matter what.