Grad Pic Bears Mayor’s Photo: What Does It Have to Do with Election Rules?

We have shared stories of coffins bearing mayor’s name and even phones allegedly given away by another politician in the past.

It looks like printing names is not all there is because one of our readers got our attention and this time around, it contains not just the name of a politician but a photo as well.

In Talisay City, Negros Occidental, graduation photo in 2012 bears the mayor’s name, Mayor Doc Eric Saratan, and his photo.

Today, in 2015, graduation photo bears his name and a photo of his whole family.

According to our reader, the wife, Sheila Yap Saratan, is running for mayor in the upcoming election.

Grad Pic Mayor Photo

Here’s the entire message from our reader:

Hi WHEN IN MANILA! I am your avid fan. I want to share po sana this photo na nakita ko. (I just want to share this photo that I saw.)

Nakaka-agaw pansin since malapit na national election in the Philippines. (It caught my attention due to the upcoming national election in the Philippines.)

Nakakawa lang po kasi mga bata, kinagawang istrumento para lang makakuha ng attention. (It breaks my heart because even the children, they are used as instruments to capture attention.)

Hindi na siya nakuntento sa isang face niya lang, this year 2015 buong pamilya na. (He didn’t get contented with his face printed. This year, he included his entire family.) The reason he included his wife is, the wife is running for mayor next year.

What are your thoughts on this?

Do you think this violates any election rules?