Grab Driver Took a Passenger to ER: What Happens Next Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

We’ve shared heaps of inspiring stories on our site, and I believe this one must be included in our arsenal of our heartwarming stories.

With how horrendous traffic nowadays, alternative transportations are vital. Thankfully, the technology kept up with the trend and developed apps that made the motorists lives a lot easier. Although these app drivers aren’t perfect, I believe that the majority of them are kind-hearted and respectful.

Such is this Grab driver who didn’t hesitate to help his passenger. As a result, the story has gone viral, leaving the netizens in awe of his kindness.

The story was shared by a Facebook user named Nix Obispo. Nix shared her touching story after she encountered a Grab driver who went an “extra mile.” According to Nix, the excruciating pain she felt was enough reason to rush her to the emergency room. She first booked Uber, unfortunately, it took awhile to arrive so she canceled it. She tried her luck using the Grab app, and as luck would have it, she got a driver by the name of Joven.

You may read the full story below:

This is a long post but I just feel the need to share my experience. Please take time to read.

At nearly 1am today, I experienced an extremely painful stomach ache that’s similar to ulcer pain. I live on my own and my family are all in the province so, I have no one but myself to take me to the hospital. The pain was excruciating that, for the first time in my life, I did not hesitate to rush to the ER to have myself checked and appropriately treated.

The nearest hospital I know is The Medical City here in Ortigas. I booked an Uber which took forever to arrive, so I cancelled it and tried Grab instead. When my booking request was accepted and I was matched with a driver, I heard a car engine ignite just along the sidewalk parked on the opposite side from where I was standing and I knew it was my car.

When I hopped in, feeling feeble and in pain, I told my driver, “Kuya, pwede yung pinakamabilis to the ER. Thank you.” He replied, “Ma’am, emergency po ba? Sige po, bibilisan natin ha.”

When we arrived there, he rushed to get out of his seat to open the door for me and helped me alight the vehicle. He supported me with his hand and that’s when I took the opportunity to pay him. He said, “Maam, wag na po. Emergency po yan.” I replied, “Hindi, kuya. Sayo yan. Thank you!” He insisted I take it back but I insisted harder that I owe him that for taking me to the hospital.

When I was already standing by the entrance, one of the guards said, “Maam, sa kabila po ang ER ng adults.” And before I could say anything, kuya Joven, the Grab driver, asked them, “Baka naman pwede nyo nalang i-wheelchair si maam papunta sa kabila?” And so they did.

When I was already filling out forms at the triage in the adult’s ER, I heard his voice from my back. He parked his car and he was there for me saying “Maam, nag-aalala ako sayo. Di kita maiwan e.” I insisted that he can go and I can take care of myself. But he kept saying that he’s worried and that I should take my money back to which I kept insisting harder that he should keep it.

The nurses and doctors checked my BP, asked me questions– the usual protocols– and then I was asked to lie down on the bed in the ER where they further examined me.

While the nurse was operating ECG on me, kuya Joven was still there. It took a while before I got the treatment that I needed so, while waiting, I had a small talk with him. I told him he can leave but he wanted to wait until I’m discharged so instead of having to book another car, he can take me home. I said that I might stay a bit longer so he can leave already. He insisted he stays until at least I’m better. I can honestly see his concern and sincerity when he says that.

While still waiting, he asked if he can leave for a while but he’ll be back for me. I didn’t ask why anymore. So, I closed my eyes to rest. When he came back, he handed me a bottle of water which he bought for me. I didn’t ask him to do so nor did I give him money for it; he did it voluntarily. Such a beautiful act of kindness.

I fell asleep briefly and when I woke up, he’s still there sitting on a chair near the foot of my bed. He never leaves (buti pa sya di nangiiwan. Haha!). When he noticed that I’ve woken up, he went to my side and said, “Maam, sabi po ng doctor, buti daw po nakatulog kayo. Kamusta na po pakiramdam nyo?” I answered, “Medyo okay naman na pero may pain pa din eh. Baka matagalan pa ko. Una ka na, kuya. Thank you.” He said, “Basta maam, i-text nyo ko pag okay na kayo tsaka pag nakauwi na kayo ha.” I thanked him again after that. And then he left.

5 minutes later, I got a text from him telling me to get well. I replied to him when I got home feeling more than grateful for his help and for him being there with me. He checks up on me throughout the day probably because he saw how much in agony I was earlier today.

Faith in humanity restored.

However, Joven, based on the comment thread, already has a wife and a kid.

Whatever his status may be, I agree, Nix, Joven deserves more than 5 stars. He went beyond every passenger’s expectations.

To Kuya Joven, keep up the good work.

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