Grab a Copy of ‘Suplado Tips’ Book by Stanley Chi: Suplado is the New Sexy

When in Manila, how do you define sexy? Is it by the way you look, the way you move, or the way you think? To celebrated comedian Stanley Chi, sexiness is being suplado, which in Filipino slang means ‘asserting oneself with an air of cockiness’. In fact, he stands by the word that he even wrote a book about it.


It all started with a completely random suplado tip that Stanley posted on Facebook, which then turned out to be the first of a hit series. “I toyed with the idea that being cocky can be a means of getting what you want – or at least a way to delude yourself that you already have everything in the first place,” he said.






So with all the raves he’s been getting from the public, Stanley eventually decided to turn the hype into a book. In his fourth and latest book Suplado Tips, Stanley Chi shows made-up scenarios where Filipinos tend to ‘get the upper hand’ by being standoffish, something that is not a dominant trait what with our conservative culture. “Filipinos tend to be non-confrontational, avoiding conflicts as much as they can. ‘Suplado Tips’ is the funny respite that people with a grudge have been looking for,” Chi said.






From then on, he has already gained a cult following through his ‘suplado tips’. There even is a Facebook fan page made out of it called Suplado Society of the Philippines, (and they have a suplado oath mind you lol).



Even celebrities have already jumped on the bandwagon of the suplado mania. From the words of THE Ramon Bautista:
Simula nung tinuruan ako ni Stanley Chi na maging suplado, nawala ang ubo ko” (Ever since Stanley Chi taught me how to be stuck-up, my cough disappeared) taken from a video testimonial for ‘Suplado Tips’



Since its nationwide release last March, a thousand copies of Suplado Tips have already been sold and copies are fast depleting in the shelves of National Bookstore and Fully Booked. Consider yourself lucky to score a copy at your nearest bookstore because they really sell like hotcakes!



So what are you waiting for? See for yourself what the suplado craze is all about! Grab yourself a copy now! ‘Suplado Tips’ is available at all National Bookstore and Fully Booked outlets nationwide. You can also buy it online at www.psicompublishing.com.



For more of Stanley Chi’s ‘Suplado Tips’ and to get your ‘supladoness’ swagger going on, visit www.stanleychi.net.




With references from the article ‘Stanley Chi’s Suplado Tips: An Early Cult Favorite’ by Stefanie dela Cruz