Gov’t to Add Walkalators Along the MRT For Breakdowns

MRT Walkalator 2

Artwork by Jillian Bueno

For commuters who have expressed their frustrations on the MRT constantly breaking down, we have good news for you: the government has heard your pleas and they are adding walkalators along the entire stretch, which will be used for train breakdowns.

According to a representative from the Department of Railways (DOR), the walkalator will be the answer to the MRT’s frequent breakdowns, which forces commuters to walk next to the railway, which can become dangerous if there is an incoming train from the opposite direction.

The project will be called the “Walk Walk Walk” program, which will be tied to the government’s “Build Build Build” project to build more infrastructures in the country. Walk Walk Walk will also be tied to the Department of Health, as the walkalator will encourage physical activity.

The representative, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, said, “We are always looking after the welfare of our commuters. Instead of risking their lives and having them walk along the railway during a breakdown, the walkalator will bring them to the next station in a safe, comfortable, and fast setting.”

DOR confirmed that the government has approved the proposal months ago and construction is set to begin today, April 1. The construction is expected to run through all 13 stations, both northbound and southbound.

The representative added, “We don’t have the budget to improve the system of the MRT but we do have enough to install walkalators. They can also be used as an alternative mode of transportation for those in a hurry.

The fare to use the walkalator will be more affordable compared to the MRT.”

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