LOOK: These “Baked Bars” Give Brownies New Life

If you love brownies, then you might want to check out some leveled up versions of brownies that you might not have experienced before. Check out GotBaked!

GotBaked started back in 2019, but it actually took almost a year for them to launch because they wanted to make sure that their products, branding, and concept were well thought out and developed first. With the tagline “We got baked good(s)”, GotBaked knew from the very start that they wanted to be more than just a cookie shop. Now was the time for them to expand their products and launch their newest line, the Baked Bars.

Got Baked Baked Bars Brownies 4

Photo from GotBaked

Whilst creating their Baked Bars, GotBaked wanted to make sure that both classic brownie lovers and customers who already expect the unexpected from them would enjoy their newly launched goods. They had to redefine the word “assorted” for this specific line because they didn’t want to overpower the main product, which is the brownie. The Original flavor aside; they also offer Oreo Fudge, Chocolate Crispies, and Biscoff Brownie.

Got Baked Baked Bars Brownies 3

Photo from GotBaked

GotBaked has always been known for their unique flavors. From their amplified campfire cookies (with Lotus or peanut butter cups on top instead of your usual graham crackers) to their Baked Bars Box that is definitely like no other, you can always look forward to a unique baked good experience whenever you buy from them. Check them out today!


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GotBakedGood

Instagram: @_gotbaked

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