Gorgeous Solenn Heussaff Likes to Par-tay! A Romance Story by Eli


When in Manila why not stop by San Miguel and sip on some Kamikaze mixed drinks while meeting the gorgeous, quirky, wonderful Solenn Heussaff?


Anotonov’s Vodka Mixed Drink is renewing its partnership with  the lovely Solenn Heussaff, as well as releasing new flavors for its “vodka on-the-go”. Additionally, Solenn is releasing her self-titled album with the vodka brand, which I might a fun blend of club beats, sultry singing and chill tunes. And I fell in love. It only took a few minutes, but look at that smile and those eyes! Mmmm.

Solenn Heussaff Looking Sexy

Solenn Heussaff Signing with Antonov

Solenn Heussaff

When I arrived in the Philippines I had never heard of Solenn Heussaff (sorry Solenn!). Luckily that changed. I spoke with Solenn briefly while waiting for lunch and she is quite a gal! I think we were made for each other. She is an actress, TV host, model, singer, fashion designer, painter and professional make-up artist. I’m, well, I’m working on that. She’s even the Ginebra San Miguel’s yearlong calendar girl. I think we would make a perfect match! Agree??


The reason Antonov chose Solenn as their brand ambassador is because “she is a chic and fun party girl who embodies what Antonov Vodka Mixed Drink and its market is all about…” Sounds just about perfect to me!

First Impression with Antonov Mixed Drinks

I’ve never had this brand before, so I was pretty surprised by just how easily the cap actually came off. Seriously. Easy. Check out the pic. It pulls off in this weird way that would be really hard to describe, but definitely makes it badass and fast. I can see how this would be useful if you’re having difficulty seeing the top of the bottle for whatever reasons…

Antonov On the Go Bottle Cap

I didn’t realizee that the beverage would be carbonated but it was subtly so and definitely added to the flavor. I normally don’t even like carbonated beverages, but after Solenn endorsed it I knew I had to try. As it sizzled into my glass it gave off a light scent, not overly sweet, just fresh. The flavor is really good. Not too too much of anything (sweet, carbonation, alcohol). The only cosmopolitan I’ve ever had in my life was extremely strong and had a lot going on. This is much better.

Solenn Heussaff Cute as a Button

Antonov Mixed Drinks Details

The full line up of new flavors is: zesty Ginger Ale, Cosmopolitan and Kamikaze. The 330ml bottles retail for P20, and it’s big brother the Antonov Vodka Schnapps is also getting a bit of a change. They updated the bottle to a more modern look, as well as adding the two flavors of Currant and Espresso.


Regardless of whether you are a partier or not, When in Manila you should snap open one of Antonov’s newest vodka mixed drinks and enjoy your instant party!




Solenn Heussaff Media
Solenn Heussaff Smiling with Vodka

Solenn Heussaff Shakes for Antonov Deal



Solenn Heussaff With New Antonov Mixed Drinks


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