GoPro Republic: Latest and best priced accessories for your GoPro!

Ever since I began getting into photography and videography, I always have wanted to have a camera so versatile that I can use it underwater or in extreme conditions and sports. When the GoPro cameras started booming into the market and gettting rave reviews and feedbacks. I just really had to get one. Before the GoPro, I even wanted to buy the underwater cases for DSLRs so that I can use my DSLR underwater or in certain conditions. Yet, I held back as the case alone was so expensive and the DSLR is just too big to be used as an action camera. So now that the GoPro Hero 4 line was released, I just had to get one myself. Lo and behold, I got myself a GoPro Hero 4 Black and all I need left? Accessories of course! Here’s where GoPro Republic comes to play


GoPro Republic is an online GoPro accessory shop started off by GoPro afficionados. This certainly gives great credit to the shop as it is pure certainty that they know what they are doing. GoPro Republic focuses on bringing the best accessories for your GoPro and also trying their best to be the best in pricing. The additional bonus, they are open to meet-up any time of the day around the Makati area, and sometimes in different areas too depending on the situation.


GoPro Republic also carries the Knog Qudos which is a LED light made for use with a GoPro. It’s waterproof so it’s also great for diving! Quite difficult to find this product locally, but GoPro Republic really is great and complete with all your GoPro needs!


GoPro Republic even has custom leather cases for your GoPro in different colors. This is for those who simple wanna carry their GoPro anywhere and in style. No need for extra accessories? Then get the custom leather case to simply have it around your neck for instant GoPro situations.


GoPro Republic is 100% legit, fast, and very easy to deal with as I got a handful of accessories from them already. The latest one is the Smatree SmaPole which is a GoPro pole that extends and shortens more than any direct GoPro brand pole can offer. I’ve dealt with them in sudden situations and in less than an hour, was able to meet and get the items. This is pure service and great pricing! So what are you waiting for? It’s summer, bring out your GoPros and contact GoPro Republic for all your summer accessory needs!

GoPro Republic Facebook Page

For orders and inquiries, call or text GoPro Republic here: 09298316181 / 09209733028


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