Google’s Brandon Jones is Keynote for the 9th IMMAP Summit



Brandon William Jones, Google’s Head of US Product Operations will be this year’s keynote speaker at the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) Summit. This year’s theme is Disrupted Economies: How Digital is Reshaping the World. Topics to be discussed will span how digital is shaking up our everyday- from taking cabs to planning our vacations to developing products and creating brand experiences for our customers. Over 500 delegates will attend this two-day event happening at the SMX Aura from September 10 to 11, 2015.

“Digital has gone beyond just marketing and advertising. It now permeates every aspect of our life, disrupting businesses, changing habits, shaping societies.  It is no longer a choice to make digital a part of a company’s core strategies but is a given to survive a constantly-shifting business environment,” says Mench Viduya-Dizon, IMMAP Summit co-Chair.

She adds, “In the past, the focus was more on advertising and marketing. Digital has gone beyond that and so the 2015 Summit wants to reflect this. This year, five key topics touch on how digital has evolved into the various aspects of the business environment: Reputation Economy, Attention Economy, Collaborative Economy, Convenience Economy and Start-Up Economy.  We also shine a spotlight this year on the exciting start-up scene in the Philippines and how this has fuelled further disruption in various local industries.”

Disrupted Economies: How Digital is Reshaping the World features more than 50 speakers that will create that buzz of thought-provoking talks.  This year’s keynote, Brandon Jones, heads US Product Operations for 7 of Google’s technology products, including Google Cardboard (VR) and Project Tango (3D vision for mobile devices). Brandon’s product portfolio ranges from pre-launch to mature products, with up to hundreds of millions of users a day.

Brandon has accumulated over 10 years of experience and has managed large teams, driving initiatives around scaling, operational improvement and structural realignment. He holds an MBA from Harvard University.

“It is crucial that the IMMAP Summit reflects the new normal in society—but a new normal that many of us might still be resisting. The disrupted economies that shall be featured during the Summit present a reality check: This is how the world is now turning, and we may just get lost if we don’t turn with it,” shares Norman Agatep, IMMAP president.

Trademark events like the Summit and the Boomerang Awards, and the Certified Digital Marketing Programs help bolster IMMAP’s role in the industry.   According to Agatep, “Both IMMAP and the Summit have continued to remain relevant in its almost ten years by mirroring the rapid changes in our industry.”

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