Google Street View Arrives In The Philippines And It Even Lets You Island Hop

Google first brought its popular Street View technology to the nation last year and the search giant has just announced the official launch of the feature in the Philippines.


Street View has already been available in a number of countries, and now the Philippines is joining the growing list of places you can explore from the comfort of your home.

Next to large parts of Metro Manila, Street View also covers areas outside the big city, and in places where the famous camera cars can’t go, the search giant used smaller camera setups called Trekkers to capture the surroundings. The result is that you can quite literally island hop and explore large parts of the stunning countryside online. Below are a few examples:

Bantigui Island in the Gigantes Islands

Antonia Island:

Vigan, one of the 35 historic Philippine sites, including eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, covered by Street View:

Another historic site: the Miag-ao Church on the island of Iloilo.

General Santos City

The Department of Tourism helped Google in this epic quest and apparently there will be even more places covered in future. Have you spotted your house yet? Or anything unusual? Let us know in the comments!