You Can Now Vote For Your Pick To Win Pokémon of the Year

With Pokémon Day right around the corner, The Pokémon Company has been busy setting up a number of events for the celebration on February 27. One of these is the crowning of the most popular Pokémon as Pokémon of the year.

How are they going to determine which Pokémon deserves this enviable position? By giving fans the power to decide, of course.

From Wednesday, February 5 until Friday, February 14 you can vote for your favorite Pokémon on Google. Simply search “Pokémon vote” on the search engine and the voting screen will pop up in your search results. You’ll be shown a choice of 8 categories, from Kanto to Galar.

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Select the category you’d like to cast a vote for then select one Pokémon from that category to vote for. You may vote for one Pokémon per category on a daily basis.

The Pokémon will be sorted by their National Pokédex number, even for Pokémon with various forms — so don’t get confused! And remember, you should be signed in to your google account in order to cast a vote.

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