These Pink Baking Pans and Pastel Knives Will Brighten Up Your Kitchen

Without a doubt, baking can be a ton of fun; but do you know what would make the process even more fun? Adorable products in pink and pastel colors to brighten up your kitchen – and your baking life! That is exactly what Goodies by E has to offer.

The name ‘Goodies by E’ actually came from the owner’s nickname, Esel. Esel is a dentist by profession. However, when the pandemic started and they were forced to halt their operations, Esel wanted to do something to keep herself busy and productive during these hard times. That’s why she launched Goodies by E.

Goodies by E pastel knives

Photos from Goodies by E

Although the pandemic has disrupted our normal lives, Esel saw an opportunity to offer something that everybody can use at home. Her products are not just great for the bakers of the family, either; the entire family can enjoy them if you decide to turn baking into a family activity! In fact, the cute colors of these products have made my daughter more interested in what is going on in the kitchen and in the oven. They are just so adorable! They also ensure that I constantly bake with a smile on my face.

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Photos from Goodies by E

Why pink? Well, why not? Just look at them! Even Esel admits that they look great and will make you appreciate baking more. Pink is actually one of Esel’s favorite colors and when she saw some pink baking materials while she was browsing online, she found them so perky and cute, she simply had to share them with everyone else. “Everything is pink,” she exclaims. “It is very quaint and girly, and makes baking more fun!”

Goodies by E Chopping Knife Set

Photo from Goodies by E

Goodies by E’s products aren’t just cute, either; they are also very affordable. Plus, they are non-stick. Check out their prices here:

Goodies by E price list

Photos from Goodies by E

If you are a baker or know someone who bakes, you’ll be happy to hear that Goodies by E offers same day delivery within Metro Manila, so you can get your products or send them as gifts right away. They also deliver nationwide via LBC. 🙂 Make sure to add these pink and pastel products to your baking arsenal to make your baking life even more fun!

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