Good Vibes: Taxi Driver Brings Back Foreigner’s Luggage Without Being Contacted


This post of Robert Lim of Cebu has gone viral. It shows a foreigner named Francesca who is from Australia. She was very excited to see Cebu. From that excitement she realized that she left her bag inside the taxi. It carried everything in it. Without a moment too soon, the taxi came back with her luggage even before she could contact the driver.

She expresses her gratitude towards her taxi driver, Mr. Robert Rivera!

Direct Quote:

“Just in : a lady customer name Francesca fr. Australia came to Planet Vegis Cebu with excitement , but in an instant …she begun to shed tears when she realized that she left her backpack in the taxi which have just left…but in about 10 mins past..the taxi returned and her things were all intact..the driver’s name is Robert Rivera from the Clint Winston Taxi,Cebu . of course a reward was given.
From: Robert Lim
Pasikatin natin si Robert Rivera of Cebu. “

We’re so glad there are still honest people like you, sir. The amazing thing about it is that the moment he saw that his passenger left something, without even thinking twice or without notice, he came back!


Have you had a similar experience with a taxi driver? Let us know!


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