GOOD VIBES: Intramuros Manila to Be Free of Cluttered Cable Wires

Apparently, the City of Manila is undergoing improvements to make it look better. At present, one major improvement is the implementation of underground cabling system in Intramuros that will free up the area from messy cable wires. With this on the way, the area, specifically the one where Manila Cathedral is located, will be more Instagram-worthy.

Manila Cathedral Intramuros

According to The Philippines’ Facebook page:

In the next few years, travellers and tourists visiting the historic Intramuros Manila will witness a more vibrant city, decluttered of spaghetti cable wires, as the Intramuros Administration has begun its underground cabling system initiative, in cooperation with power distributors and telecommunucations companies.

Last week, wires obstructing the sightline of Plaza Roma, from which the centuries-old Manila Cathedral is situated, have been finally removed, giving visitors, photographers, and Instagrammers a better view of the Cathedral.

This is just a preview of the big things to come.

Early next year, as part of the rehabilitation of Calle Aduana, the Intramuros Administration will begin to remove the rest of the poles and bury all the cables along this historic street, while redesigning its streetscape for a more pedestrian and bicycle-friendly environment.

What do you think of the “Before” and “After” photos of the Manila Cathedral?

Which one do you prefer?