GOOD VIBES: Fast Food Crew Member Takes Traffic-Ridden Motorists’ Orders On The Road

With netizens incessantly complaining about the traffic situation brought about by the APEC week, here’s a silver lining.

A netizen was able to take a snapshot of this fast food crew member who went out of her way to serve hungry motorists who were stuck in a standstill on the road along the EDSA extension in Pasay City.

Maiki Bongco posted a screenshot of her friends Zach and Mia Beaniza’s experience with this crew member who went the extra mile in her line of work! Not only did she take their orders, she also quickly delivered them herself.

Jollibee crew member takes orders traffic APEC

The original caption reads:

Talk about going the extra mile. Stuck in traffic and saw the jollibee crew taking orders from hungry motorists on the road! They took my order and delievered it kagad. Iba! ang galing! Being in the hospitality industry for a long time, alam ko ang service na “ginagawa lang ang trabaho”. But this one is really above standard. Kudos to the manager and this lady who was still smiling while taking orders. Nahihiya lng sa picture

While it doesn’t fully solve the traffic situation, gestures like these are definitely enough to turn one’s day around.

What do you think of this?