Good Vibes: 5 Kittens Nursed by Mama Dog are All Now Adopted

Maternal instinct can cross the barriers between species. Just check out this heartwarming story from Iloilo of a mama dog nursing five abandoned kittens, as shared by a netizen. The mama dog wouldn’t leave the kittens’s side for two days, separating from them only when the rescuer had to bring the kittens inside her home as it was about to rain.

Mama Dog nursing 5 kittens


According to the reporter, the dog is owned by a neighbor. Her puppies are already big but she must have still been lactating when she found the kittens in the bushes.

Mama Dog nursing 5 kittens

Poor kittens! They are probably just a week or two old. In the Philippines, it is a habit of many people to dump unwanted kittens in places far from their homes. We call it nililigaw. As spaying and neutering of pets is still largely an ignored and even rejected practice, pets are forced to reproduce again and again, adding to the number of unwanted, abandoned, and abused dogs and cats in the country. There are stray animals everywhere.

Mama Dog nursing 5 kittens

The rescuer couldn’t keep the kittens, however, as she is allergic to cats. Her friend, the reporter, shared an appeal for help on social media. Thankfully, a lady from Guimaras Island responded immediately. Three days after the online appeal, she adopted three kittens. The remaining two were adopted by one of the rescuer’s friends.

Let us wish mama dog, kittens, and rescuers all our best wishes–and give them our thanks for creating good vibes in a world that badly needs it.

To all pet owners, please consider spaying or neutering your pets. According to animal welfare organizations, spay/neuter not just helps manage the pet population, it also helps make your pets healthier and happier.

For those who wish to continue checking on the welfare of mama dog and kittens, join the Iloilo Cat Lovers group on Facebook.

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Thanks to Justine O. for sharing this story. Photo credit: Joanie T.