Good Luck Reading Lady Gaga’s Lyric Video for “The Cure”

Good Luck Reading Lady Gaga's Lyric Video for The Cure

Lady Gaga is known for pulling avant-garde acts in terms of her music, videos, and fashion. Her latest attempt in the realm of artistic expression is her lyric video for “The Cure,” a single the singer released as the headliner act in the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

Official lyric videos are mini music videos meant for viewers to understand the lyrics of the song. As we said, Gaga has never been a conventional singer, so we’ll let the video speak for itself. Good luck reading it.

Like most lyric videos, this one is relatively simple, with Gaga sitting on a sofa with the background billowing. The lyrics are flashing on the screen, except they are shown multiple times and are simultaneously moving that it’s hard to catch up and read.

“The Cure” comes at the heels of Joanne, the singer’s fifth studio album, which had the singles “A Million Reasons,” “Perfect Illusion,”A-Yo,” “John Wayne,” and “Joanne.” The album was well-received, with Rolling Stone calling it a “welcome reminder of why the world needs [Gaga] around.”

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