Good Guy Taxi Driver, Helping Passenger Whose Wallet Got Stolen

Stories like this bring back our faith in humanity.

A netizen posted on Facebook her recent experience riding a taxi, and while she was in the taxi, she found out that her wallet got stolen.

Without enough money, Lisette Chu said that the cab driver even offered her money from his dashboard. According to Chu, here’s what happened.

This is Mr. Glenmore Cayrel of Griffin Taxi.

My purse was stolen from my bag earlier today and I only noticed it when I was already riding his cab. I told him the truth. I still had some change left and I thought that would be enough to get me to the mrt station. He asked why the mrt, where was I really headed and he said “Ok ma’am sige po ok na po.” He dropped me off at my original destination instead of the mrt then grabbed all his money from the dashboard and was giving it to me before I got off. He did not even want to take the money I was handing him. Of course I refused his money and insisted that he accepts mine. Kuya salamat po, meron pa po palang mga kagaya ninyo.

Along with this, she posted a photo of Mr. Cayrel.

Good Guy Taxi Driver

Saludo kami sir!!!

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