Good Guy Roger: Picks Phone on Street, Returns to Owner, Waits for Nothing in Return

There are still a lot of good-hearted people out there who do good deeds while waiting for nothing in return.

Take this story shared by Paolo Gabriel Flores on Facebook.

According to his post:

I dropped my phone somewhere in Dela Rosa this morning and I didn’t notice until i got to our office building. When I tried to call it, a man named Roger driving this taxi with plate no. UVF-874 answered and saw the phone on the street so he picked it up. He asked me to meet up with him in Pasay Road and true enough, after a few minutes he was there waiting across New World Hotel. I tried to give him a small token of appreciation but He politely declined. I insisted but he didn’t take it. Thank you very much Roger for your honesty and concern. I hope this reaches your taxi operator so that they’ll see what a good person you are. Mabuhay ka!

He also posted a photo of the taxi Good Guy Roger is driving.

Good Guy Roger

Wished he would have taken a photo of Good Guy Roger instead but maybe he declined because, you know, superheroes who do good deeds no matter how simple might want to keep themselves anonymous.

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