Good Eats and Premium Drinks: Take Refuge at The Armory, QC

Words by Fe Esperanza Trampe

Tucked comfortably along the stretch of Congressional Ave. in Quezon City is a northerner’s refuge after a long day of work or school.

After first opening up its doors in May of 2016, the Armory, QC has quickly put itself on the radar for its welcoming atmosphere, good eats, and premium drinks.

The Armory, QC

Don’t let the makeshift barricades fool you. “Everyone’s welcome!” says co-owner Andy Yuki. There’s no need to get all dressed up to enjoy a night out with your friends. You can come as you are, and there will be a place for you in the three sections of the Armory.

3. The Barracks

The Armory Bar Katipunan Barracks

Outside is the Barracks, a place reminiscent of a backyard grill. Beneath a string of lights are a few tables and seats to accommodate you as your food is prepared fresh and right before your eyes.

On the Grill

Feast yourself upon more than just the typical bar bites. The Armory’s menu stretches across the globe with Pinoy favorites like pork barbeque and street food, and American and Mexican delights such as fries and nachos. Their bestsellers of nachos overload, cheesy fries, and chili mac fries are a hit with the crowd thanks to a special cheese sauce drizzled across the plate.

Nachos OverloadNachos Overload

The Armory Bar Katipunan Finger Food Mexican American PinoyFrom left to right: Cheesy Fries, Quesadilla, Chili Mac Fries and Burritos

And while their burritos and quesadillas also offer up a filling dinner, you can’t go wrong with the sweet and spicy sensation their sizzling sisig brings to the table.

Sizzling SisigSizzling Sisig

The taste of their twist on the Ilokano favorite dinakdakan will bring anyone’s taste buds back home.

Sizzling DinakdakanSizzling Dinakdakan

2. The Bunker

The Bunker

Inside and in bright neon lights is the Bunker, the second section of the Armory. It is a bar lounge that is basically a sanctuary. You have a say in what music can play over the speakers, there is a beer pong table ready for your convenience, and the bar table where all the drinks are made is right before you.

Bunker's MuleBunker’s Mule

From Mondays to Wednesdays, they serve up unlimited Bunker’s Mules and Cuba Libres for only P299. On Thursdays, they serve up unlimited beer for just P300.

As good as these deals may be, crossing off each drink listed in their cocktail menu is still a must-do on the bucket list. There are choices for both cautious and daring drinkers alike.

Tanqueray Grapefruit MojitoTanqueray Grapefruit Mojito

Sweet to the taste is the Tanqueray Grapefruit Mojito, a bestseller.

The Armory's Secret WeaponThe Armory’s Secret Weapon

A memory that will burn–quite literally and figuratively–is the Armory’s Secret Weapon, a must-try before going home.

The Armory Craft CocktailsFrom left to right: Ungaya Tonic, Whisky Sour, Tanqueray Grapefruit Mojito, the Armory’s Secret Weapon, Old Fashioned, Bunker’s Mule, Red Sangria, and White Sangria.

Rounding out some of their best drinks are the White and Red Sangria for the classier drinkers, the Whisky Sour for those with a sweet tooth, and the Old Fashioned and Ungaya Tonic for fruit lovers. These are all meticulously prepared for you by their talented bartenders, and sometimes the owners themselves, which include GMA-7 artist Martin del Rosario.

1. The Armory

As inviting both the Barracks and the Bunker can be, the real party is upstairs. Above the Bunker sits the Armory proper, a space for smoke machines and strobing lights, and for anyone who just wants to let loose. It is only open from Thursdays to Sundays. On Fridays and Saturdays, the music to pump your fists to is courtesy of a live DJ.

Looking to veer away from the pretentious feel of the usual clubbing scene, the owners of the Armory have created a safe haven for the people up north. The prices are friendly, there are deals every night, and the crowd is laid-back. With no other agenda than to be with good company, young professionals and college students alike have called this place home.

The Armory, QC

Congressional Ave. Extension, Quezon City
Contact No.: +639055757578